My Straight Buddy: Mack and Ford

Mack and Ford are two marines from the same platoon who have showered, jerked off, and fucked girls together in the barracks. But the barracks isn’t as much fun as the My Straight Buddy house, where they can drink, run around naked, and generally raise hell before going out to the bars to try to pick up some girls. The guys decided that they needed to shave their junk to get girls. Our trusty cameraman convinced them if they were going to do it, they should at least let him tape it. So this video starts out with Mack and Ford trimming each other’s junk with clippers, then getting in the shower and shaving each other. Later, they have a side-by-side jack off on the couch, helping each other out with a fleshjack too, so they don’t cum too fast later when they get to fucking the girls!

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