NakedFratHouse: Hoop Champs

Category : Blow Job, Fucking, NakedFratHouse

Hot and slender Wolfie is teaching Blaine, Krys Perez, and Chico to gyrate their straight twink bubble butts like pro’s to make sure any hoop stays in the air for as long as they want … apparently strong hips makes it better for fucking their girl friends. Krys is the first to jump in, demonstrating his uber-sensual hip-shakes that show his sexy teacher’s skills up right off the bat. Cute little Chico is next to prove that a smooth power bottom can hold his own, whirling a tube of hard metal with his soft centre of gravity. Lastly, dark haired Blaine keeps that hula swirling to hypnotize the group, while dropping to his knees to get a better view of Wolfie’s obvious bulge. Not a moment passes before Blaine quickly reaches into Wolfie’s jock, unfurling a hard uncut meat-puppet that he can’t keep from immediately placing deep in his throat’s corrugated vice-grip … ah, life is full of fun at the NakedFratHouse!

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