Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Christmas Street Party

A good friend of the Czech Hunter cameraman, Peter, has been wanting to try out being the cameraman for well over the past year, but until now he hadn’t been given the chance. This week tho, the regular cameraman was off on holidays, so Peter was given the cam and sent off to find a young lad to have some fun with! Peter is a sexy guy – a bit younger than the usual cameraman and always horny. He went to the local Christmas market and found a young lad who was a bit drunk, but was able to convince him, for the right amount of cash, to come back to his hotel room and show off his cock. He had a nice big one too, but Peter had some trouble convincing the lad to suck his own cock back, but in the end he succeeded, plus he also got to fuck the young lad’s arsehole bareback too!

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Dirty Scout: The Hockey Player Jerks His Uncut Dick

Today the Dirty Scout found his young job applicant to be typical of the current generation – smug and apathetic and thinks he’s too cool to need work or pay the service fee. He said he’s a hockey player which was enough for our dirty-minded cameraman to offer him help. He agreed to do what was asked; tho in a very arrogant way. Regrettably his uncut cock was kind of disappointing at first, but in the end he proved to be a quite a grower!

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Maskurbate: Mike and Frank: Dare To Strip?

Mike invited his buddy Frank to share a scene with him at Maskurbate. They played two games of poker: one a strip game … the other a seduction game. They made lots of insinuations to each other which caused them to become both shy and horny at the same time. Watch as these two gorgeous ripped jocks strip in front of each other, testing and challenging each other to see who is prepared to go furthest. This is exciting! But in the end we are all winners as we watch them lose their inhibitions and get hard and jack off!

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The Casting Room: Guy and Nick

When Guy first arrived at The Casting Room he was curious and eager, but timid, as he’d never been naked or had sex while being filmed before. With his hairy body and open attitude the directors were eager to cast him. However, it was necessary to make sure he could handle the intensity of being fucked on camera. This is his big test. He’s paired here with the confident and assertive Nick, who can guide this shy new boy through his first time sucking cock and getting fucked while being filmed. Not one for romance, Guy doesn’t show much interest in flirtation or kissing. He demonstrates what a true bottom he is growing erect while on his knees sucking dick, grunting at the painful pleasure of taking Nick’s big dick up his arse and swallowing cum for the first time.

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