Southern Strokes: Blowing Tommy: With Tyler West and Damian Slater

Recently Southern Strokes put straight new cummer Tommy in the middle of the room on a nice cushy Ottoman and stripped naked … so he had nowhere to escape to. Damian and Tyler joined him … they were both naked too, and the two lads proceeded to work Tommy over with their mouths. As you can see, it wasn’t long before young Tommy was rock hard and enjoying every second of it!

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English Lads: Leo Benson and Dan Broughton

Straight lad Leo has done two solo shoots for English Lads and that is where they thought it would end; but after much trying he finally agreed to let gay hunk Dan massage his naked body. Watch as he lets Dan de-stress his muscles, though looking at how tight his butt cheeks are clenched together when Dan tries to prise them apart it is unlikely he will ever knowingly let anything go up there! Luckily Leo lets Members have a glimpse at his nice hairy hole and before you know it he is getting a soothing cock massage!

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Bait Buddies: Kip Johnson and Andrew Collins

Blond 6ft 3in straight muscle hunk, Kip Johnson, the titty bar bouncer, is back with Bait Buddies. Kip is a pretty open minded guy. Last time he did a scene he spoke of how he would let girls play with his hole and that he even liked the feel of a finger or two “down there”. So the cameraman asked him if he would bottom this time and without any fuss whatsoever Kip agreed! Kip had even brought his mate Andrew Collins along to do the dirty deed! Andrew is bi and cute and has a tight, muscled body, but slightly on the small side, dick-wise, compared to Kip … which he apparently already knew … Kip wanted to start off with something on the smaller side for his first time!

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SpunkWorthy: Nate’s Helping Hand

Straight lad Nate was on the fence when the SpunkWorthy Producer asked him about getting a hand job from a guy. He wasn’t too sure about it, as he’d told a bunch of his buddies about doing porn and wasn’t sure he wanted them finding him in any sort of gay shoot. But, eventually, enough cash was on the table to get him to agree! Nate had saved up a couple days load so he was extra horny when the cameras started rolling. And when the hand caresses started, Nate was already rock hard. Then, when his shorts came off and his shaft got lubed up, Nate shut his eyes and rolled his head back with a gasp, then glancing down at his cock being worked over with a look of amazement and disbelief on his face .. he was enjoying himself!

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