The Casting Room: Lee

Before arriving at The Casting Room for this audition, straight hottie Lee had never experienced any sexual contact with a man. Immediately after this audition, he went on to make several man-on-man films, but before he was allowed in these he had to prove he was up to the job. The confident head-strong lad doesn’t like to show fear, but he couldn’t hide his nervousness when first taking a man’s cock in his mouth and feeling it slide up his tight pink virgin anus!

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Active Duty: Bryce and Marty: Oral Debut

This is Marty’s oral debut with the hung cutie Bryce. Active Duty were in on the action and we get to see what happens as these two straight guys start jerking each other off, before they move to oral, where Marty is tentative at first as he approaches Bryce’s monster. Bryce tries to kiss Marty, who resists at first, but after he does it once, he does it again with more gusto. The scene ends with Bryce shooting his load right on the newbie’s face!

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The Casting Room: Kevin

At The Casting Room this week, the macho straight bearded hunk Kevin has never experienced sex with a man, but he’s a complete professional who understands it’s not about his desire, but the action which is required. There’s work with good money for male on male action. Kevin reasons since girlfriends have in fact done everything that can be done to him already, it won’t feel that much different with a man. But before committing to using him the film crew need to make sure he can actually follow through doing the action required. Kevin passes with flying colours. He even grows a big thick boner as soon as his pants come down and his cock gets sucked. His uncut dick pulses even more when he feels his tight virgin anus being rimmed. When he’s getting fucked it’s exciting to see this hetero take the initiative to stroke his own cock while being penetrated!

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Active Duty: Grant (Serviced By Jimmy)

It’s new recruit time again at Active Duty, where they’re bringing you a never before seen guy: Grant. This 22 year old muscular gent stands 6ft tall, weighs 187 lbs. and hails from Virginia. He likes to work out, run and shoot. And “competitive pogo-sticking” he says, laughing. This straight soldier has never had a guy give him a blowjob, but all that is about to change … enter the cute Jimmy … who set’s about orally servicing the newbie.

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