English Lads: Chris Little and Luke Murphy

Young straight lad Luke Murphy did quite a lot in his first shoot with English Lads and today he’s paired with naughty Chris Little … so we all now know there is soon gonna be hardly a stone left unturned! Luke is well into some kissing before the two lads settle back and wank each other off. A little more foreplay and Chris gives Luke a great blow job, before he lifts a leg and Luke slides his rock hard uncut erection straight into Chris’s hole! Looking at Chris’s face he is loving a big cock up his hole and these two straight lads try out some great positions; lots of fucking and lots of kissing! You just gotta join to see all the action!

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Jake Cruise: Jake Andrews: Serviced

Jake Andrews has an incredible body plus, according to Jake Cruise, a great name too! LOL … and to add to his appeal, he also has a great cock … and boy, that thing is FAT! Even a long time cock-sucker like Jake Cruise can’t deep throat big Jake’s “little Jake”. So he resorts to licking and jerking and toe-sucking and tickling … a fun shoot for both guys!

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Jon Stripped

At Clothed Male Naked Male Jon is a proud footballer who initially sneered at the board members when he was ordered to strip. Jon quickly realized he could lose millions from his contract if they aren’t satisfied so he’s now eager to satisfy their every desire and hops on the trophy table to bare his anus for the commanding clothed men. Drop back tomorrow to see what happens next …

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SpunkWorthy: Mike Nelson’s Helping Hand

Mike is back and the Spunkworthy guy just couldn’t wait to get his hands around that thick cock of his.. Apparently, neither could he. There was a bulge in his gym shorts when he first showed up; by the time the cameras were rolling the bulge had grown to full, raging hard-on. Mike’s facial expressions are priceless. He rolls his head back as his dick shaft is lubed up and the stroking starts … occasionally looking down in amazement at his cock being worked over. A lubed up a finger then slides into his furry hole which sends shivers through Mike’s body … then Mike turns over, allowing full access to his virgin ass.

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