FraternityX: Shut Up and Take It!

Pike got a bit wasted and accidentally broke the FraternityX frathouse bong … stupid fucker! So, four of the frat bros decided to take turns pounding his arse so he knows to take care of things better next time … he always pretends that he doesn’t like getting fucked … but everyone knows what’s really going on … that the kid is never really happy unless he’s got a cock in both holes … 24/7!

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Debt Dandy: Sexy Muscle Hunk In Debt

It may be the lowest debt ever found by the Debt Dandy, but nevertheless this sporty and sexy hunk is in need of fast cash, and he will definitely be down for our cameraman’s dirty offer!

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FraternityX: Don’t Fight It

After a night of hard core partying, Cowboy and his straight virgin hole were ready and willing … even hungry … for some dick! He bent over the couch in the FraternityX rec room and waited for the first drunken frat guy to come along. By the time someone turned on the camera on, a few dudes were already checking him out … spitting and fingering his hole. This newbie didn’t really know what he was getting himself into … a piece of advice for you newbies in the same position – don’t fight it!

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Active Duty: Bailey Gives Steele His First Gay BJ

Lucky Bailey gets to be the first man to suck new Active Duty recruit Steele’s long straight cock. It’s something Bailey says is a “privilege” as he slurps down Steele’s meat in a couple of positions, rims him and lets him ram his face while sneaking a finger into Steele’s virgin arsehole! The scene ends with Steele filling Bailey’s eager mouth with hot cum!

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