FraternityX: Take That Dick Deep

The Frat Bros over at FraternityX don’t appreciate it when their frat pledges give half-hearted blow jobs. So when the pledges are told to suck dick, they expect them to do it … properly! Today they decided to give new straight lad Josh’s mouth a workout, and they made sure he went down deep on their dicks, and once his poor mouth was worn out, they just switched to his arsehole!

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English Lads: Reece and Liam

Straight Boxer Reece is here with English Lads today to play with his first ever cock belongs to someone else … yes, that’s right, he’s going to touch another guy’s cock for the first time ever! And the lucky guy is none other than the equally straight Liam! The boys start off by groping each other thru their underwear, they then touch each others cocks … in the flesh, before Reece actually bends down and suck Liam’s fat, hard, uncut cock into his mouth and gives him a gay blow-job!

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FraternityX: Tight Twitchy Hole

The guys at the FraternityX frat house brought home some new straight freshman hole recently for the rest of the bros to mash-up. Everyone got to do a number on the guy until the bitch couldn’t take it anymore, then everyone just fucked his brains out regardless – the bitch’s hole was twitching, but no-one cared, they just banged it until they busted their loads in it!

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English Lads: Oli Hall and a Dildo

After Oli’s last adventure, wanking next to his brother, English Lads decided to bring him back into his comfort zone, a solo shoot … but then throw in a few variables, a gaggle of toys! Oli had known his brother had played with toys in one of his previous shoots and he was really up for the experiment. Judging by how hard his cock is during this shoot you can guess he doesn’t mind sticking toys up his ass and he said he really enjoyed the vibrating one …

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