SpunkWorthy: Eli: His First Gay Blow Job

If you’ve seen any of Eli’s previous scenes at SpunkWorthy, you will already know that his uncut cock is colossal …but it still took a lot of cash to motivate this str8 Marine to let another guy blow him on film! Apparently Eli had jerked off the day before this shoot, but that didn’t stop his cock from getting rock hard, even before his jeans were unzipped! Eli is obviously proud of his cock. He smiled ear-to-ear when he was told how big it was … but when another guys hand reached under his balls and touched his virgin man-hole, he was instantly even more aroused! In fact, he just leaned back and allowed his arse to be licked …

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English Lads: Lance and Justin

Justin from English Lads checks in on Lance while he’s still asleep in bed and starts to grope his cock thru the covers. Straight Lance wakes up, and instead of being annoyed, is actually excited by the attention and gets a hard-on. Before long Justin is sucking on Lance’s hard cock and then Lance slides on a condom and rides Justin’s hole in a variety of positions … enjoy the view!

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Southern Strokes: Woody’s Bang

Woody visited the Southern Strokes lake house to get his fantasy fulfilled, and it was Miles and Rusty who answered the call of duty to help Woody relieve some of his pent up desires. When Miles and Rusty arrived, Woody was already naked, blind folded and had his legs spread waiting for the guys to ravish him. Woody’s uncut cock was hard and dripping pre-cum even before Rusty shoved his own hard cock into Woody’s wet mouth, while at the same time that Miles entered his waiting hole with his big fat country cock!

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Active Duty: Tito Fucks Jason

Straight guys Jason and Tito demonstrate how to make the most of the time change in this hot scene from Active Duty that was filmed first thing early one morning recently! Jason says hooking up in the early morning is a “good way to wake up.” After a little chit-chat the guys get down to business. Tito gets up on his knees to yank off Jason’s shorts. “Well there’s my friend for the day,” Tito says, as Jason’s rod comes popping out of his boxers. Next Jason finds his “friend for the day” by removing Tito’s shorts and they’re off!

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