Straight Off Base: Boyd and Evan and Diego

Three straight military hunks, Boyd, Evan and Diego are all naked together in front of the Straight Off Base cameras for an awesomely hot threesome, chock-filled full of cock sucking, butt-fucking and hot cum shots … check out all the action below!

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Straight Fraternity: Lance Powers: Edged

Straight 26-year-old boxer Lance Powers isn’t sure what he’s in for at Straight Fraternity for today … especially when Webmaster Franco restrains him by binding his hands and blind folding his eyes. Luckily, Lance doesn’t fight back when he gets felt up, and he lets Franco edge his cock and suck him clean and dry!

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Straight Off Base: Heath and Hurley

Just check out hot military buddies Heath and Hurley as they get naked and suck each other’s hard cocks in this amazingly raunchy scene from Straight Off Base! Then Hurley gets in between Heath’s hairy butt cheeks and rims his buddies tight hairy hole until it is all slick and wet and ready to be fucked!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking Roman

Young Roman is just 20yo, without any higher education, with a shitty job and most importantly he was all alone, all by himself, “lost” in Prague. How lucky the Czech Hunter cameraman was to have found him … cause this all helped to setup the perfect situation to trick and seduce this young, innocent and shy straight dude into performing gay sex for cash!

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