English Lads: Sam Hansworth and Logan Hardy

Well here is an interesting journey; Logan did a solo shoot at English Lads, and during that he played a little with his hole, and when the cameraman teased him about it, and whether they should find something to fill it, he didn’t say no! So this young straight man went from teasing his hole to getting it filled … and who better than also to try something new than straight boy Sam who fucks his first guy today. Site Members get to see that they both do an exceptional job, rock hard uncut cocks all the way through and Logan managed to cope with Sam’s not only long uncut cock, but it’s pretty dam thick too … and amazingly, Logan rode it like an old hand!

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Active Duty: Andrew and Riley: First Time Bottoms

After 15 years, the flow of hot content hasn’t slowed on the Active Duty website. For example, today’s 45-minute scene features not one but TWO shredded straight soldiers being deflowered on camera for the first time! The scene starts with gorgeous new recruits Andrew and Riley watching a straight video, shooting the breeze, and comparing bodies and tattoos. From there it progresses to swapping oral and Riley getting Andrew’s hole ready with a small plug toy. Then Riley gets to full-on top Andrew before the newbie decides he can’t take it for long. Lucky tho, the courageous Riley volunteers to take his place and lose his own cherry! This is one that you just can’t afford to miss!

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English Lads: Logan Hardy and Tyler Hirst

Since Logan did such a great job at getting fucked last time, this time English Lads paired him up with former Royal Marine Tyler to experience how commandos do things! The guys get straight at it, Logan goes in for a kiss and the passion is obvious and what else do you do following a kiss; suck cock of course and Site Members get to see that Logan is quickly down on his knees, pulling down Tyler boxers and practicing his cock sucking technique and judging how hard he gets Tyler, his cock sucking technique is pretty darn good! Tyler returns the favour before bending Logan over in doggie and teaching him how marines lube arseholes; with a dildo pumped at speed! Tyler pulls that out and slides in his own uncut rocket cock; Logan seeming to enjoy rock hard marine up his hole and can’t get enough of it riding eagerly, before dumping an impressive load, with many a big squirt flying! Tyler pulls out and seconds later is unloading his own warm offering onto Logan’s beefy legs!

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Active Duty: Corey and Drew: First Timers Go All The Way

This scene from Active Duty starts out with two new-comers, Corey and Drew, on the bed where we learn they’ve agreed to do a double jerk off session. However, in the heat of the moment these two first timers end up going all the way … check it out!

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