Gay Hoopla: Zach Douglas Fucks Phillip Anadarko

Phillip Anadarko got some bad news and his old friend Zach was in his Gay Hoopla house bedroom with him, trying to cheer him up. After some encouraging words, Zach suggested they try to hook up with some girls on their phones, but within a few minutes they gave up the search and started kissing each other passionately! The chemistry is evident, and the guys keep the party moving along. Both deep throat each other’s cocks along with slapping their big mushrooms on to one and other’s butt cheeks. Zach was ready to fuck that fat firm booty, but not until he had a taste of it. He flipped Phillip over and ate that arse like it was his last supper. Even before sticking his cock into Phillip’s hole, Zach kept teasing it, grinding his cock between Phillip’s cakes. Steamy, hot sex came next. Zach threw Phillip into all different types of positions, holding his hand, fucking him into submission.

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English Lads: Jack Windsor and Sam Hansworth

Sam has been on one of these straight young men at English Lads who has been on a fast journey from straight to gay for pay; a boxer by trade, yet he looks so innocent when you see him alone, then a little encouragement and you see him with Jack and he has become quite the experimentalist! Site Members get to see Jack as he wanks Sam, and then he ends up on his knees gobbling down on Sam’s cock, giving him his first man blow-job. Jack does his usual great job and Sam gets so carried away he is soon wanking his first man and looking to really enjoy it. Both lads are rock hard through the shoot, do a great job at lending each other a hand and showing off their slightly hairy holes before they both lie back and unload almost simultaneously.

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Debt Dandy: The Broke Lad From The Old Apartment Building

When the Debt Dandy arrived in this week’s client’s apartment at the top-floor of an old apartment building, the lad he met seemed not to be quite aware of his situation. First our cameraman offered him the loan with a horrible interest rate – which he accepted. So instead our cameraman had to remove that option and offered him instead the good old fashioned money-for-sex thing. The guy was actually in debt because of his former girlfriend who was obviously too expensive for his income. He is a small cutie – and the cameraman decided that he really wanted to have him ….but the lad was quite annoying, as he wanted to know everything upfront. What is he going to do with him, how long it will take, why does he have a cam and so on … but he found out all the answers within the next hour or so!

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Dick Dorm: Ass Initiation

A simple hangout session in the Dick Dorm room quickly turns into an all-out group-fuck when these horny buddies get together. They get right down to business sucking on each other’s’ huge cocks, before mercilessly pounding each other’s eager and hungry holes. It truly is a sight to behold!

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