Czech Hunter: The Soccer Fan

The Czech Hunter cameraman often walks around in front of his local soccer stadium before a match as he loves to watch the young fans. Tonight he saw a young guy alone … waiting for his friends. Obviously they flaked on him. So he offered him money if he would show off his body for the cameras right away. And … he agreed. No discussion, nothing. They went off together for some privacy to his training place where he had the keys. And together they had a lot of fun in the shower room.

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Jake Cruise: Jimmy Coxxx Massaged

Jimmy Coxxx was lying naked on the massage table when Jake Cruise entered the room. His body is pure perfection and Jake couldn’t wait to feel his skin as he rubbed oil over his muscles and glided his tongue across his cock, balls and scrotum. Jake started the massage with his neck and back, working his fingers across his butt muscles as well. Jake couldn’t help but cradle his cock in his hands as he gave him a rim job … Jimmy then rolled over and you could’ve hung a flag on that pole!

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ChaosMen: Cort: Edge

Cort is more skittish than most guys we see in the ChaosMen Edge chair. He was very nervous, and his limits were somewhat narrow. Ransom worked really hard at making him cum, and despite Cort being quite a squirter, took the load into his mouth. Nice to watch a straight guy to do some things he wouldn’t normally do. And really, that’s what it’s all about!

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Active Duty: Axl and Boyd and Chaz: Pt 1

Active Duty just released a scene that is explosively hot! The time has come to share more of their gorgeous new recruit, Axl, with the world. This scene is his second action scene and features Axl joined by Chaz and Boyd for a perfect threesome that will leave you dripping wet. This scene is 50 minutes of toe-curling kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking that leaves very little to be desired.  Check back tomorrow for the rest of the shoot!

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