Lucas Kazan: Giorgio and Mathieu

Giorgio’s definition is a wonder: you can use those abs as a cutting board. Mathieu’s cock, on the other hand, gets so hard, so erect, you can hardly do anything with it. Both think of themselves as bi-sexual, but their obvious chemistry together make Lucas Kazan wonder: perhaps a little more ‘gay’ than ‘straight’? No matter, they had fun, shooting; so will you, watching.

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Str8 to Gay: Josh Peters and Will Braun: Trainer Confessions: Part 2

Josh Peters is late for dinner with the girlfriend and that’s not a good thing considering his relationship is already on rocky grounds. Str8 to Gay model and Personal Trainer Will Braun offers to cut their training session short, and let Josh use his place to get ready for his date. When Will sees the big man naked in the shower, he assumes Josh left the door open for a reason and goes in and starts sucking Josh’s cock. Josh is surprised, but the BJ feels so good and he eventually realizes his girlfriend’s actually a bitch and useless at sex and he decides to take a hold of Will’s hot dick and get it up his tight arse while he’s got the chance!

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Straight Fraternity: CJ and Trey

Trey is super horny and needs to fuck someone. He takes it out on Straight Fraternity newcomer CJ … fucking the big-dicked bottom deep and shooting his load all over CJ’s hole.

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SpunkWorthy: Preston Gets His Cock Sucked

Preston has done two earlier shoots for SpunkWorthy …a solo, and a duo side-by-side jerk (and hand job from his buddy Dakota) … and the camera crew were fairly certain that this straight lad had reached his limit of all things gay … but luckily for us, this burly fur ball decided to go one step further and get his cock sucked by a guy (and arsehole rimmed) for the first time ever … check it out!

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