Active Duty: Quentin and Bridger

There’s some real chemistry going on here between Quentin and Bridger. Although they are both straight, they have taken the gay-for-pay thing and run with it right off the bat … so much so, that they’re kissing goes from nothin’ to a hundred .. real fast! Not long after they start making out, both sets of pants are off and Quentin’s head is in Bridger’s lap, with his lips locked around Bridger’s mammoth dick. As a fresh recruit at Active Duty, this is all very new to Bridger, and it’s easy to tell from his face. Then Quentin looks up and says with a great big smile … “You’ve got a really nice cock, man” and then he climbs up over top of it and guides the large erection into his tight, eager arsehole … bareback too!

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Dick Dorm: Roulette

What’s better than a Vegas-themed frat party? A Vegas-themed gang-bang of course! These four frat guys from Dick Dorm sure know how to play. When one of them loses the Roulette game, they start taking turns fucking the tight round arsehole hidden between his gorgeous butt cheeks … all bareback too! He takes one big cock after another like a champ until they cum all over his butt cheeks and face.

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Debt Dandy: The Straight Lad In Debt Agrees To Be Fucked

The guy the Debt Dandy visited this week was born in Slovakia and moved to Prague about a year ago because he wanted to start a new living and leave the debts behind. But what happened? He lost his job and started to make new debts instead! Soon he will be living on the street if he can’t a way to pay at least one or two of his overdue debts. So our cameraman felt on the save side when he offered him some fast money-for-sex. At first the lad was reluctant – like most straight guys would be. But when our cameraman threatened to leave … well, the poor guy quickly changed his mind and soon found himself stark naked, on his back, with a fat uncut dick up his raw virginal arsehole!

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ChaosMen: Brenner and Trian: Serviced

Brennan loves sucking (and sitting!) on big cocks, and Trian loved having his cock worshiped today at ChaosMen … even better, Trian seems to really like doing everything with another guy! Right out of the gate he is making-out with Brenner! No half-ass kissing either … full-on tongue duelling … not bad for two straight guys!

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