Czech Hunter: The Guy With Model Looks

The Czech Hunter cameraman was in a local bar, finishing up for the night when he spied a well dressed young man through the window, he was cute with a model-face. He went out to chat with him and told him that he has a small advertising company and that he want to do a casting with him. When he saw the money he agreed very fast. Two hours later the cameraman had learned that even bitches wear expensive clothing.

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Debt Dandy: Young and Cute and Straight and In Debt

His voice had a promising sound – young and cute and a bit nervous. When he had called up the Debt Dandy the day before this meeting, our cameraman immediately exited and curious how he might look like in person. Move forward 24 hours and a very cute young man opens the door of his well-furnished apartment. It could clearly be seen that he lived there with a girl. They spoke about his debts – nothing unusual, but he owed a bank and some friends … all up around 25 000 CZK … actually not all that much. But for him, it was a desperate situation! He’d lost his job 3 months ago and knowing this our horny cameraman went straight to the point. He wanted his straight virgin arse and in return he offered him to pay all his debts – easy. And his initial reaction was as expected … but would he change his mind?

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Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Christmas Street Party

A good friend of the Czech Hunter cameraman, Peter, has been wanting to try out being the cameraman for well over the past year, but until now he hadn’t been given the chance. This week tho, the regular cameraman was off on holidays, so Peter was given the cam and sent off to find a young lad to have some fun with! Peter is a sexy guy – a bit younger than the usual cameraman and always horny. He went to the local Christmas market and found a young lad who was a bit drunk, but was able to convince him, for the right amount of cash, to come back to his hotel room and show off his cock. He had a nice big one too, but Peter had some trouble convincing the lad to suck his own cock back, but in the end he succeeded, plus he also got to fuck the young lad’s arsehole bareback too!

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English Lads: Jay and Dan

Jay has been on a steady course of experimentation and today he is in the safe hands of Dan; though it is not Dan’s hands Jay needs to be worrying about! In Dan’s first English Lads shoot he expressed an interest in playing with a str8 lad and today he is like a kid in a sweet shop pushing his luck the whole way and seeing what Jay will let him get away with!

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