FraternityX: Back It Up Bitch

It sucks to be the newbie in the FraternityX frat house … quite literally! Both of newbie Nick’s holes are regretting the day he ever considered moving into the frat house after today’s throat-stuffing and arse pounding session! All the guys in the house have their way with him … both orally and anally!

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English Lads: Hunky Straight Stud Jay with Zack

English Lads set the scene: a nice warm sunny day in June, a horny straight model, a beach and some one to rub in the sun cream and lo and behold you have the perfect combination for a hot porn shoot!

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Str8 to Gay: A Father’s Permission: Liam Magnuson and Duncan Black

Liam Magnuson intends to do the right thing and ask his girlfriend’s father’s permission before he proposes marriage to her. Fortunately Duncan Black answers the door and Liam ends up doing the even righter thing: he fucks his girlfriend’s brother. The Str8 to Gay cameras were there and captured all the man-to-man action!

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Straight Fraternity: Aaron and Junior

Junior has gone all the way gay-for-pay for Straight Fraternity before, but Aaron has held back until now. The cameraman puts these two uncut straight guys together to swap blow jobs and see just how good Aaron will be when he finally sucks his first dick. And it’s a big one!

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