Straight Off Base: Benny and Briar: Massage and Happy Ending

Straight Off Base models, USMC Corporals Benny and Briar, dutifully report in for a sexy massage with a happy ending! Benny and Briar have really become best battle-buddies away from base while on liberty and Briar was totally down for a stress-relieving massage session. Briar hops on the massage table and Benny lubes Briar’s well-chiselled body up. Benny wraps his hands around Briar’s hard cock and eventually mounts the table to straddle the ripped Briar for a better advantage to stroke their cocks together. Briar obviously gets off on the whole process, as he soon lets go of his pent-up cum load all over his chest!

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English Lads: Harrison Davis

Harrison Davis is one extremely handsome young man and has a terrific personality to match. Harrison has a nice slim, toned body with a thick hairy bush, nice uncut cock and smooth hole! Harrison returns this week to English Lads for his first-ever dildo experience and he has agreed to let the photographer wank his cock and pump his hole! Site Members get to his cock teased to a rock-solid erection before getting his hole nice and lubed up, before it gets filled and pumped by the dildo! Harrison does really well and actually seems to like it!

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English Lads: Ned Dunning and George Tanner

Straight young best mates Ned Dunning and George Tanner are back this week at English Lads and have agreed to take their friendship to the next level and have a wank together! Ned and George have brilliant banter and it’s easy to see that they’re really great friends. They’re confident together and both have fun exploring their mate’s hot body. Site Members get to see that both are ripped and muscular and look amazing side-by-side with rock hard throbbing erections. After a while these two lads even agree to wank their mate’s uncut cock, and both get their hands full!

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ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Zane Baldwin: Serviced

Zane is a very hot straight lad, and despite being supposedly cool doing Gay-For-Pay modelling, be stuck to a traditional Serviced video for his first time at ChaosMen. Lorenzo oiled him up a bit, massaging his pecs and abs, slowly working his way down to his shorts and that still hidden cock. Lorenzo was pleasantly surprised to see a nice fat uncut dick waiting for him under Zane’s gym shorts. Lorenzo toyed with him a bit, slowly stroking and licking his balls. He tongues his cock head and foreskin, then after a few minutes he starts shoving Zane’s cock all the way down his throat. Zane looks suitably impressed! Later, watching Zane get rimmed is kind of funny. You can tell he has never had his butt even played with before (you gotta ask, “How is that possible?”), and he was kinda jumpy and even fighting back the giggles!

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