Raunchy Bastards: Sasha and Trillions: Anal Carnage

Young Raunchy Bastards model Sasha was understandably nervous about going up against Trillion’s big thick cock. Turns out, Sasha is a natural. After some preliminaries, this duo gets right down to business. First order: Sasha and Trillions each suck some dick. Sasha seems to be better in this regard, judging by the looks on Trillion’s face while he was getting dome from Sasha. Sasha slurps and licks away, while Trillions is moaning and his eye are rolling back into his head. It’s true that Sasha is a natural, but Trillions has his own skill set that he shows off next. Trillions sticks his big black dick into Sasha’s little butt, and with almost no warm up begins going ham. Sasha keeps up, however, and before long Trillions has Sasha contorted into various positions and is literally jack-hammering his arse. It’s hard to believe Sasha’s hole could take the amount of ferocious fucking that it did, but Sasha is a trooper, and Trillions knows exactly how to use his tool.

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