Southern Strokes: Trevor and Robbie

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Trevor and Robbie happened to both be out at the Southern Strokes Ranch on the same day so it only made sense that the two of them hook up. Trevor is ripped and all top and little boy Robbie just loves to get fucked … Robbie is quite the cook so he in the kitchen about to whip up a meal of pasta but Trevor had other plans. Trevor got really turned on by the idea of having sex in the kitchen and Robbie noticed, so he got on his knees and took Trevor’s semi-hard rod into his warm mouth. After a few strokes, Trevor started to face fuck Robbie … soon after tho, Robbie was ready to wrap his ass around Trevor’s fat cock. They both got on their knees and Trevor slowly inched his cock inside Robbie’s eager open hole. Both studs moved in unison as their lean tanned bodies rocked with pleasure …

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