My Straight Buddy: Steve and Robbie and Jackson: Three Naked Buddies

Robbie, Steve and Jackson are three best buddies from the same platoon, Robbie and Steve are actually roommates in the barracks (Jackson lives just a few doors down) and have known each other since MOS school (that’s the school where you learn your job after boot camp). They’re all sexy guys, but the hottest thing about them is their friendship, which absolutely shines through. Robbie in particular is a little hot-head from Brooklyn, whose accent comes out when he gets agitated. He’s funny as hell, and it doesn’t hurt that he has a tight body and big dick to go with it. Steve has a perfect bubble butt, and Jackson has an adorable Wyoming country boy thing going for him, you can practically still smell the farm on him. These guys are very comfortable around each other … even when totally naked … and it shows in this scene from My Straight Buddy … enjoy!

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My Straight Buddy: Magical Michael

Mike and Joe and a some of Mike’s buddies went out to the bars, and came back to the My Straight Buddy studio with Mike’s old Platoon Sgt, who had just gotten out of the Marine Corps and was out drinking to celebrate. Nobody can keep their clothes on, and Mike, being hot and horny, was no exception. The best part of this video is when Mike’s buddy channels his old salty self and starts barking out orders to his ex-troop just like back in the day when Mike first joined the Fleet. And just check out that arse, and how much he likes showing it off!

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