Videoboys: Maxwell Marteau and Benjamin London

No-one at Videoboys ever thought this day would happen. When straight lad Maxwell Marteau first came to doing a solo video for them a year or so ago, he’d never even met anyone gay before. He was even skittish about having a guy hug him, so suggesting the idea of having a guy suck his dick was right out of the question! But now, after time has passed, he found out that guys give the BEST blow jobs … enter Benjamin London, who soon straightens this straight hottie out!

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Videoboys: Vic Palmer and Benjamin London

To say that Vic Palmer is straight, while technically true, might give the reader the wrong impression about what to expect from him. Yes, he is very attracted to girls, and even has a girlfriend, and yes he has never had sex with another guy before. But your average self-identified straight guys are usually quite reluctant to jump into having sex with guys or at least reluctant to let anyone know that they would do it. But Vic is not your average straight guy. On the contrary, he’s perfectly relaxed about the idea of having sex with a guy and he’s not shy about talking about it … at least, once he got permission from his girlfriend, then he was good to go! And not just the straight guy version of gay sex. Vic was ready to do the full course meal: kissing, sucking and then finally he was ready to pound some arse with his big eight inch cock … and Benjamin London was the lucky straight-lad breaker-in for Videoboys today … check them out below!

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