Straight Fraternity: Anthony and Kae

Category : Blow Job, Cum Shot, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off, Kissing, Side/Side Jerk, Str8 Fraternity

Anthony and his hung buddy Kae have a jack-off race on the Straight Fraternity couch, and Kae is the winner! First they get naked, kiss and swap blow jobs, then Kae strokes his load out all over Anthony’s stomach. And with a belly covered in hot jizz, Anthony finally cums on himself!

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My Straight Buddy: Mark and George: After Duty

Category : Fondling Cocks, Jacking Off, My Str8 Buddy, Pissing, Side/Side Jerk

Mark and George are best friends and it shows in this video from My Straight Buddy, where before succumbing to a hot porn video and beating off together, these two hot horny marines are just chillin’ together with their buddy Joe talking about their time in the Corps. Their four years are almost up and they’ve had a lot of fun, but good times aside they’re also horny-as-fuck marines and when Mark says, “If you put on some porn right now I’m gonna start jerking off not gonna lie,” he is not lying.

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SDBoy: John Chapman and Dave Merritt: Best Buds

Category : Arsehole View, Cum Shot, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, SDBoy

Best buds, John Chapman and Dave Merritt, have not done anything sexually together … yet. When the SDBoy cameraman asked them if they had ever had sexual fanaticises about one another, they both grinned and hesitated to answer … both waiting for the other to answer first; I think you can fill in the blanks. Both are straight; John, 22, is a newbie to the “game,” but Dave’s been in porn before. This is a different video, where two straight buddies see if they can help each other get it up and get it off … fucking included.

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FratmenTV: Clayton and Ford

Category : Fondling Cocks, FratmenTV, Hand Jobs, Side/Side Jerk

Fratmen guys do love to work out … and take showers … and, well, help each other out now and then. Sometimes it just feels better to have someone else stroking your dick. Ford has already had some experience with buddy blowjobs, but this is Clayton’s first time doing naughty things with another guy!

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