English Lads: Cameron Donald and Joel Jenkins

This is one of those shoots the English Lads cameraman really wasn’t expecting … a few weeks Cameron suggested his good mate Joel come in and do a solo, which he did … and how well he did too! But moving on, here today is Joel’s second shoot, and amazingly he agrees to let his best mate give him a massage! Don’t you love it when straight mates manage a little close contact! Joel can’t quite believe what he is letting Cameron do to his body and he starts to relax and enjoy the massage … but gets all jumpy when his cock gets manhandled! Even so, that doesn’t stop it becoming rock hard! And site Members will get to see that Joel has one of those beautiful uncut cocks that stands up tall and proud, hard against his abs. Lots of fun and wanking later, plus with arses shown in loads of positions, these best mates are soon squirting cum over their abs! Another straight lad made very happy by his straight mate!

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My Straight Buddy: Naked Outlaws

Mark and George are room mates and best friends. They showed up with Dane who is a super cool dude. That’s actually Dane’s truck they all drove out in. He doesn’t get naked but he’s totally cool with it when they are … he’s just your classic guy who’s so easy going he doesn’t give a fuck. A guy named Jake, who is also a marine, heard about what the guys were doing with the My Straight Buddy team and wanted to come along too This video is called “Naked Outlaws” because a truck drove by while they were shooting and saw them and called the cops (after everyone had their pants back on, luckily).

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ChaosMen: Danny & Jamison: Serviced

Danny and Jamison are best friends and ChaosMen wanted to film them in a side-by-side jack-off video … but the guys said they wouldn’t be able to keep straight faces watching their buddy jerking off next to them … so plans changed and they seemed to favour the idea of getting blown together by another guy. It worked … Ransom has some excellent oral skills, and the guys both enjoyed this oral side-by-side video romp!

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