New York Straight Men: Brent Gets A BJ

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Brent came back to New York Straight Men recently looking better than he ever has. He is totally ripped … he has been spending much time in the gym working on his amazing body! But like all straight guys, every once in a while he wants a blowjob where he can be selfish and enjoy a mouth … any mouth! While he would much rather have a girl give him a No-Strings BJ, he knows that is not reality of life at times … so very few women think along those lines. On the other hand, Jim was up to the job of sucking Brent’s big cock, sort of service with a smile, because Jim likes it! So did Brent, having someone between his muscular legs servicing him … even if it is a guy!

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New York Straight Men: Brent Fucks Sean

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Straight guy Brent has been working all day and was super horny … so when he arrived at New York Straight Men he made it clear to everyone that he needed more than a simple blowjob today … cock-sucker Sean was going to be required to bend over and take it like a man! Brent pounded Sean’s furry arse until he could take it no more … and then dumped a huge load in the rubber that he then pulled off and threw on Sean’s hairy arse cheeks!

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New York Straight Men: Brent: A Sweet Load

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Brent, the hot ripped blond came by for a blowjob with New York Straight Men. He is in between ladies, and when that happens he regularly stops over. They know it’s not a social visit and that’s okay. They know that the only reason he stops by is to get his cock sucked. Having a new cocksucker in the stable just made it more exciting for him, he likes the feel of a new mouth whenever possible. Luckily cock sucker Sean swallows … cause he got a mouthful of Brent’s cum at the end!

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