Active Duty: Brock and Bryce: Brock Sucks His First Cock

Active Duty models Bryce and Brock are two site veterans, yet for all Brock has tried in the past, this straight guy had yet to suck cock or bottom. So, the two guys got to talking and decided to surprise the film crew with Brock crossing over one of these lines. They start out stroking side by side, which is a sight in itself due to their oversized packages. When he’s as ready as he’ll ever be, Brock goes down on Bryce’s huge meat, keeping one hand on his own shaft so he can jerk while sucking. Bryce is loving it, as he moans and sighs in approval. Then Bryce pushes Brock over so he can get a taste of Brock’s big pole, but it isn’t long before the newbie gets his mouth back onto Bryce. You’ll have to see how things finish up, but here’s something to chew on. Brock says he’s finally ready for the next step … Bottoming!

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Active Duty: Bryce and Marty: Oral Debut

This is Marty’s oral debut with the hung cutie Bryce. Active Duty were in on the action and we get to see what happens as these two straight guys start jerking each other off, before they move to oral, where Marty is tentative at first as he approaches Bryce’s monster. Bryce tries to kiss Marty, who resists at first, but after he does it once, he does it again with more gusto. The scene ends with Bryce shooting his load right on the newbie’s face!

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Active Duty: Bryce and Ryan

New Active Duty recruit Ryan returns to be taken further across the gay-straight line by veteran Bryce. After learning that Bryce has been doing this for two years, Ryan is intrigued about sampling his oral skills. The newbie gets comfortable fast as Bryce shows him what he’s got. After Ryan cums, the first timer goes ahead and, amazingly, grabs hold of Bryce’s dick and jacks his new buddy to completion!

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