English Lads: Liam Burlington and Chris Little

Liam is a young straight footballer and after filming today’s shoot at English Lads, it’s pretty obvious he has a devious streak and he doesn’t mind showing it off! After he did such a great job in his last shoot playing with a toy, the cameraman suggested he might like to go a bit further and today is the result. Who better than to break in a new boy than naughty Chris and these two lads have a real buzz together, they really seemed to enjoy themselves! Nothing much left un-tried, Liam surprises everyone by kissing, then getting his cock sucked, then sucking cock and fucking a lad. There are so many firsts for this straight lad you’ll lose count. Site Members will get to see that Chris cums first while still being fucked by Liam, who then pulls out and shoots his own load all over Chris! Wow Liam, you are full of surprises!

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English Lads: Chris Little

One of the naughtiest lads on the English Lads website, Chris Little, makes a comeback today! Chris finds himself in the bedroom all alone and takes the opportunity to watch some porn on his phone and before long has a massive hard erection and is wanking himself off! Chris teases his uncut cock in his jeans before he whips it out and pumps his meat! Chris loves a bit of arse play and Site Members get to enjoy watching as he soon has the dildos out and he sure puts them to good use! He lubes himself up and fills his hairy hole with the purple dildo and enjoys it so much that he can’t help but shoot his load and squirts loads of cum everyone! Chris is feeling so horny that he doesn’t stop there and finds a bigger dildo to pump his eager hole again! Playing around with all the toys, Chris finds himself climaxing for a second time! That was a lot of jizz, Chris!

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English Lads: Chris Little and Dan Broughton and Tyler Hirst and Rich Wills

Take three straight lads and one devious gay one; try a chain fuck and you need a few volunteers! This very hot English Lads video starts off a bit teasingly, the lads are enjoying being naked in the warm Spanish sunshine, they swap around with plenty of big cock being sucked! They are full of mischief and the luckily we have another straight lad so up for it … he’s decided today is the day he will try getting fucked! Dan gets fucked, Tyler gets fucked and Chris seems to be enjoyed a poke around too! He does a great job getting it from Tyler and even seems to squeeze up most of Rich’s big uncut one! After lots of sucking, wanking, kissing and fucking … the cum shots are not far away if you’re a member!

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English Lads: Howard Saracen and Chris Little

Straight young and athletic lad Howard Saracen is back at English Lads in this hot video and gets paired with the notoriously naughty Chris Little! Chris has been away for a while and in that time grown his hair long and got himself a nice tan while keeping his body looking fit. Howard is toned with a nice six-pack, handsome features, a big uncut cock, and strong footballer legs which come handy when he is pounding Chris’ arse in this shoot! Site Members get to watch as Chris begins by sucking Howard’s uncut cock until he’s rock-hard and then gets fingered and fucked by Howard in loads of positions. Chris loves it so much that he cums twice! Howard then pulls out and shoots his big load all over Chris.

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