Straight Fraternity: Diesel and Christopher: 3-For-1

Diesel and Christopher met each other about a year ago, but they don’t hang out much together. But today, at Straight Fraternity, they get up close and personal with each other … undressing each other, sucking the other’s cock and jacking off together. Christopher cums twice before Diesel gets his first nut out, then he shoots a third time and pushes Diesel’s face down in the pool of his semen!

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SpunkWorthy: Blowing Christopher

Christopher called SpunkWorthy not too long after his first shoot, asking about “more work” which is code for, “Let’s do a blowjob video.” Initially he wasn’t sure his wife was going to let him go that far (even in the line of duty), but apparently in the end she was cool with it … and Christopher was obviously excited about it, as he was tenting in his pants when he walked through the door!

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