SpunkWorthy: Cy: His First Gay Massage

The SpunkWorthy team were excited to get Cy on the massage table and film as his bod received it’s first thorough rub-down from another guy. Apparently, Cy was, too. He saved up a 2-day load just for it! Cy had gotten a massage before from a girlfriend of his, which, he said, just turned into sex. And one other time, from a guy, but, “just a regular one. Nothing sexual happened.” When asked how he was feeling about getting his first happy-ending massage from another guy today, Cy smiled broadly, saying he was “pumped up.” Check it out …

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SpunkWorthy: Cy: His First Gay Blow Job

When the SpunkWorthy cameraman asked Cy if he was down for a blow job … he was a little hesitant. Not because he was afraid of doing anything with a guy, but he admitted that it’s really hard for him to get off from bj’s. Naturally our resident cock-sucker took that as a challenge! Cy was ready to go by the time his shorts were peeled off of him, with a cock that was growing steadily as the sucking started. But it was when Cy’s legs were pushed up and a tongue went between his arse cheeks rimming him, followed by a finger entering his hairy hole, now that’s when the moaning really started! It was obviously the magic button had been pushed … because his cock started throbbing the more as his arsehole was being finger fucked!

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SpunkWorthy: Preston Fucks Cy

Preston has been making a steady straight-to-gay progression since first showing up on SpunkWorthy last year, but this next step was a big one for him! Preston admitted that he was going to be really nervous about fucking another guy for the first time. Cy, on the other hand, has “dabbled” in guy-to-guy sex, and seemed like a natural choice to break in Preston. We get to see Cy as he peels Preston’s clothes off and starts the ball rolling by sucking on his already half-hard cock. Laying back on the couch, Preston reaches over and starts stroking Cy’s cock in return, while Cy continues priming Preston with his mouth. Then all of a sudden, Cy jumps up on his knees, ready for some anal action. Preston takes things slow at first, trying not to be too rough right out of the gate. Cy made it clear after a minute that Preston could ramp it up: “Oh, yeah. Fuck me harder!” he moaned … what could e better than two hot straight guys fucking … check it out!

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SpunkWorthy: Glen and Cy

It’d been a while since Glen had gotten in touch with the crew from SpunkWorthy, so it was surprising not only hear from him, but also what he had called about. Normally, the str8 guys dabble in their guy-guy experiences a little at a time. After his massage scene, though, Glen wanted to dive right in and try fucking a guy for the first time. Who better to break him in than Cy? Cy got to work, getting Glen’s cock primed with some sucking. Glen watched with enthusiasm until he was ready to bend Cy over doggy style. After Cy’s arsehole was used to Glen’s thick shaft, Glen lay back on the bed, letting Cy ride on top while stroking his own cock. Cy seemed to get turned on even more, now that he was setting the pace.

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