My Straight Buddy: Dan and Tony: Naked Beer Pong: Pt 1

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Tony is a 22 yo Italian kid from New Jersey, and is best friends with Dan. They’re from the same unit and have been for 3 years, but only started hanging out about 3 months ago. Dan asked if he could bring a buddy over to hang out at the My Straight Buddy studios and they said “Sure” (of course). Looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday, Dan suggested they play beer pong. Tony agreed … then he was informed that beer pong is always naked there! .., Tony had no problem and took his shorts right off. Tony has a great personality, and although it doesn’t look like much in this video, when he gets hard that dick gets huge. Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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My Straight Buddy: Blow Job Buddies

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After having a shower together, Warhammer and Joe, the My Straight Buddy producer, went into the bedroom and well, the only way to describe it is, they went to fucking town and back. The thing you’ll love about Warhammer is, although he’s one of the straightest dudes you’ll ever meet, he just doesn’t care about that sort of thing. For him it’s just a good time. What really will surprise you though is when he turns around and starts sucking Joe’s dick too. One intense 69 here guys! Warhammer is the real deal folks: a straight marine that loves to get off and loves to fool around with his buddy.

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