SpunkWorthy: Galen: The Gay Massage

Galen certainly has been making up for lost time since we met him on SpunkWorthy a few months ago … in fact, you might remember that he had only lost his virginity a few months before making his porn debut. Well, he’s now decided to take the next step and get his very first “happy ending” massage … and from another guy, no less! To make things even more interesting, Galen took it upon himself to give up jacking off and had a 5-day load backed up in his balls! Needless to say, he was practically busting at the seams as soon as he undressed and started getting a rub down … straight, yes, horny, yes … hot indeed!

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SpunkWorthy: Blowing Galen

Galen, as discovered from his earlier scenes with SpunkWorthy, had only lost his virginity last summer and, since first showing up on the site, has been dabbling in a few new things with guys … but only on film, not in private. Although he maintains that he’s straight, it would seem that Galen is more bi-curious than he lets on. As soon as the cameras were rolling, Galen’s jeans start to tent up with a hard-on underneath the denim. He’s normally a pretty quiet guy, but when some lips around his cock, the look on Galen’s face said it all. He closed his eyes and let out a soft gasp in appreciation of the warm mouth sucking his shaft …

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SpunkWorthy: Lance Fucks Galen

Lance and Galen finally agreed to come back into the SpunkWorthy studio, for some hardcore action. They were both nervous as they stripped off each other’s clothes, revealing Galen’s smooth body and Lance’s hairy one. Galen got right to work on Lance’s cock, sucking him down all the way to his hairy balls. Lance grabbed Galen’s head and pushed him even deeper, thrusting his dick in and out of Galen’s mouth. Then the time came for the main event … “Come here,” Lance eventually said, grabbing Galen and leading his arse toward his cock. Galen sat right down on Lance’s hard pole, and began bouncing up and down on it. Lance proved to be quite the top, turning Lance around and fucking him from behind, then flipping Galen onto his back, legs up in the air, and pounding away with abandon. Check it out!

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