My Straight Buddy: JO Contest

Mark, George and Cole were hanging out at the My Straight Buddy pad, getting drunk and naked together … when the cameraman told them about some YouTube videos he had found with guys playing naked Guitar Hero … they thought that sounded like fun. It wasn’t long before their competitiveness was brought out they were all about contests. They agreed to a jerk off contest, and although Mark doesn’t finish first, he certainly finishes the best, shooting such a huge load that it gets in his hair. Afterwards they all pile into the bathroom for showers together …

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My Straight Buddy: Mark and George: After Duty

Mark and George are best friends and it shows in this video from My Straight Buddy, where before succumbing to a hot porn video and beating off together, these two hot horny marines are just chillin’ together with their buddy Joe talking about their time in the Corps. Their four years are almost up and they’ve had a lot of fun, but good times aside they’re also horny-as-fuck marines and when Mark says, “If you put on some porn right now I’m gonna start jerking off not gonna lie,” he is not lying.

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My Straight Buddy: Naked Outlaws

Mark and George are room mates and best friends. They showed up with Dane who is a super cool dude. That’s actually Dane’s truck they all drove out in. He doesn’t get naked but he’s totally cool with it when they are … he’s just your classic guy who’s so easy going he doesn’t give a fuck. A guy named Jake, who is also a marine, heard about what the guys were doing with the My Straight Buddy team and wanted to come along too This video is called “Naked Outlaws” because a truck drove by while they were shooting and saw them and called the cops (after everyone had their pants back on, luckily).

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