SpunkWorthy: Glen Gets A Surprise Hand Job

Glen is 28yo, 6ft 3in tall, with size 14 shoes. He was a wrestler and football player before signing up with the military for a stint. He’s in between jobs and is doing porn to make some quick cash. He’s also quite straight, but willing to do a solo jerk off video on the SpunkWorthy site. He showed up with a 5 day load stored up, so he was raring to get started. He seemed to get off on the cameras pointed at him until it came time to show off his arse. Bent over the chair, legs spread, arsehole visible to the world … Glen’s cock started to lose its lustre, and naturally the cameraman saw his opportunity and reached in to give him a little tug and see if he could bring it back to life. After the initial surprise and some minor hesitation, Glen agreed to let the cameraman finish him off … for some extra bucks!

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SpunkWorthy: Glen and Cy

It’d been a while since Glen had gotten in touch with the crew from SpunkWorthy, so it was surprising not only hear from him, but also what he had called about. Normally, the str8 guys dabble in their guy-guy experiences a little at a time. After his massage scene, though, Glen wanted to dive right in and try fucking a guy for the first time. Who better to break him in than Cy? Cy got to work, getting Glen’s cock primed with some sucking. Glen watched with enthusiasm until he was ready to bend Cy over doggy style. After Cy’s arsehole was used to Glen’s thick shaft, Glen lay back on the bed, letting Cy ride on top while stroking his own cock. Cy seemed to get turned on even more, now that he was setting the pace.

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SpunkWorthy: Glen: His First Gay Massage

After his last shoot with SpunkWorthy, the cameraman asked Glen about doing a massage video. It took a couple weeks to get a reply, and he was wondered if getting jerked off last time had scared him off! But it hadn’t, as when he replied he actually said “That was pretty interesting”. Today, Glen is ready (practically brimming) to get his first happy-ending massage. Glen’s only time getting a massage before this was a “regular one” he got while stationed overseas in Japan, so he wasn’t quite sure what to expect .. check it out below!

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