SpunkWorthy: Lance: His First Gay Blow Job

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Lance, like most of the guys on the SpunkWorthy site, has never done anything with another guy before … but you can pretty sure money was the initial deciding factor for him to agree to do a BJ scene today! Lance was definitely horny when he set foot thru the door, as his cock was already tenting through his jeans before the cameras even started rolling. Once a mouth was wrapped around his throbbing shaft, things heated up quickly. Check it out below!

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New York Straight Men: Brent: A Sweet Load

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Brent, the hot ripped blond came by for a blowjob with New York Straight Men. He is in between ladies, and when that happens he regularly stops over. They know it’s not a social visit and that’s okay. They know that the only reason he stops by is to get his cock sucked. Having a new cocksucker in the stable just made it more exciting for him, he likes the feel of a new mouth whenever possible. Luckily cock sucker Sean swallows … cause he got a mouthful of Brent’s cum at the end!

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Groping Hands: Nick

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Muscular tattooed wrestler Nick has an intimidating stare and a hulking powerful physique. The Groping Hands guys are great fans of the sport – especially the tight singlets these sportsmen wear that emphasize their bulging cocks and firm shapely arses. Watch as the pervy men get to peel the singlet off bad boy Nick … right down to his jockstrap. Then they get to enjoy stroking his body, which feels like hot steel … and poor Nick obviously gets particularly grumpy when they invade his tight straight arsehole, but he can do nothing to stop it! They continue, and tease his large hefty cock, with its long silky foreskin and turn him on so he grows a large stiff erection.

*Although Groping Hands is no longer updated, it is well worth joining for a month and grabbing all their really hot videos!

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