English Lads: Henry Kane

Straight muscular stud, Henry Kane, returns to English Lads for a major dildo experience as he agrees to experiment with three different dildos! The cameraman teases Henry’s soft uncut cock to a big hard erection with his trousers still on and his rocket cock is pointing upwards in no time at all! Site Members then get to see that Henry’s cock is so hard that when he bends over into doggie to show off his hairy hole and get his arse spanked, it’s too hard to wank his stiff cock around the corner! Henry does a great job of showing his hairy butthole off, and he soon is lubed up and filling his hole with the purple dildo which he pumps nicely! Henry gives the massive purple one a go but only manages a couple of inches as it’s so bloody thick! Third time lucky and Henry strikes a chord with the beads which he fucks his hole with! On his knees, Henry power wanks his rock-hard cock until he explodes all over the bed!

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English Lads: Dominic Moore and Henry Kane

Henry Kane has come a long way with English Lads recently, and Dominic is the lad who progresses him further – relaxing guys like no one else does! The guys are both fit and athletic, lean and well hung – just how guys look best! Site Members get to see that they’re soon naked and hard and they both have a good go at sucking in this shoot – on their knees pleasing each other, mouths around each other’s cocks, showing off each other’s arses, and even 69ing – very hot! Then watch as they both unload their balls, shooting either big splatters on the floor, or on themselves!

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English Lads: Henry Kane and Dustin Bronson

Dustin Bronson is a young horny lad who continues to be adventurous and try new things and in this scene from English Lads he has agreed to get fucked by another guy for the very first time! Lucky for us, the young muscular rocket cock belonging to Henry Kane is doing the arse pounding! These two look fantastic together and, since they have done an earlier suck and wank scene together, already know each other and really get along well. Site Members get to watch as they start by wanking and sucking each other’s uncut cocks to big solid erections … and they get into it so much that they passionately kiss as Henry fucks Dustin’s tight hole. Dustin takes it well and really seems to enjoy it and he squirts his load whilst Henry is deep inside him! Henry then wanks his uncut cock to climax and makes a huge mess!

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English Lads: Ryan Kent and Henry Kane

Henry hasn’t been seen over at English Lads for a while, he being the least sure of today’s two models about moving on to this next step in his gay-for-pay journey; the idea of a cock going in his mouth seemed too weird to the poor guy, so it took a while convincing him to do a scene of him sucking a cock! Site Members get the witness the two nervous lads as get on with the shoot and start things off by doing a great job stripping each other naked and wanking each other uncut cocks, showing each other’s hairy holes and, finally, sucking on each other’s cocks! A little apprehensive to begin, naturally, but they both get on with it and do a great job in the end. Ryan cums first with a nice load all over the place quickly followed by Henry, two nice loads of cum. Well done guys, great effort.

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