Straight Fraternity: Tim and Jules

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Exhibitionist Tim and 21yo straight hottie Jules are always ready to get off. The Straight Fraternity webmaster gets them to deep-throat each other’s cocks, do some 69-ing and bust their nuts side-by-side on the couch together. Tim even shoots himself in the face … gottta love it when guys are that turned on!

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Straight Fraternity: Diesel and Christopher: 3-For-1

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Diesel and Christopher met each other about a year ago, but they don’t hang out much together. But today, at Straight Fraternity, they get up close and personal with each other … undressing each other, sucking the other’s cock and jacking off together. Christopher cums twice before Diesel gets his first nut out, then he shoots a third time and pushes Diesel’s face down in the pool of his semen!

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The Casting Room: Alfie and Shamus

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At The Casting Room this week, Alfie and Shamus are two straight men who have both had a little experience making porn with other guys, but neither have had a full on gay sex scene. So now we get to see what happens as they are taken through the mechanics of man-on-man fucking with every horny nervous step captured on film. Neither of these masculine guys have fucked a man’s arsehole before, but enjoy fucking a woman’s. If they can get over their masculine pride they will definitely enjoy the tight sensation of screwing hetero man hole!

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The Casting Room: Jamie Goes Gay For Pay

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Jaime has a really horny dark brooding look about him like a boxer ready to pounce. He’s a sporty straight guy who likes watching as much dirty porn as possible. Now he’s decided to try his hand at being in porn himself and The Casting Room is his first port of call. The bonus is, is that he’s willing to try out man-on-man sex if the money is right. Today we all get to see him kiss his first man … see him get sucked off by another man … see him suck cock in return … see him get fucked in his virgin arsehole, first by a dildo … and then by a real cock … his cum shot is ample and the whole day ends in an explosive cum facial!

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