Straight Off Base: Kodie and Landon

Straight Off Base, Corporal Kodie meets up with fellow recruit Sergeant Landon. He’s going to assist Kodie in “crossing the line” with his first guy-on-guy experience. The guys start the action off with getting each other “at attention” with some mutual jerk off action. Then Landon gets to swallow Kodie’s throbbing 7 inch weaponry, and after several minutes of getting his hard cock chowed down on, Corporal Kodie gets asked if he’s ever fucked anyone in the arse before. Kodie replies “No, I haven’t, but this guy I’m going to fuck the shit out of!” … which he proceeds to do!

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Bait Buddies: Landon Stone (Straight) and Evan Hart (Bait): This Time He Is Sober

The first and only time this hot straight boy, Landon, unexpectedly touched another dude’s cock was during a three way with his buddy and a hot chick … and at the time he was plastered. This time he isn’t drunk, he isn’t anticipating doing anything with another dude, but he’s at Bait Buddies and you all know what that means – he’s going to be doing a lot more than just jacking a dude. Landon is a real looker, a Texan with the face and body of a fashion model. He’s paired up with a returning Bait boy, Evan Hart, an impish sort of guy with cute face, nice body and a big 8 inch cock. Evan plays along great, as the two boys chat about the straight porn they’re watching, girls, etc. then the photographer returns with bad news – no pussy. What to do? That means the guys will have to fool around with each other if they don’t want to leave with empty pockets. Landon is a little hesitant at first, but the money as well as his comfort level with Evan, pushes him over the edge and soon enough the boys are jacking each other off. Next they swap blow jobs and this is followed by a make out session that lasts a full minute – Landon seems to be into it as much as Evan. Then down to fucking and both guys are ready to go. Evan sits right down on Landon’s cock which he pumps with his bubble butt. A few minutes later, Landon lifts Evan in his arms and flips him over on his back. Now he’s in charge and continues to pump Evan’s butt. Evan is on the edge and ready to cum, he yells at Landon ”Fuck me harder!” and then shoots a huge load from his belly, up his entire torso with the last hot white liquid hitting him in the chin.

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