Southern Strokes: Levi: Massage

Talk about pure beef, Levi just keeps getting more amazing with every trip he makes out to the Southern Strokes Ranch. This time he had leaned up a little which just made this country stud shredded from head to toe. The “Helping Hands” didn’t hold back on this one, he started Levi out on his stomach so that they could work Levi’s sore shoulders. It didn’t take long before they made their way down to Levi’s perfect ass. Levi got up on all fours giving the camera a perfect close up of his pink rosy knot. Then Levi turned over on his back revealing a semi-hard cock demanding attention … so that’s exactly what he got. Levi laid back, stretched out with his hands behind his head enjoying the helping hands so much that he thought he would share his cum shot with us.

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Southern Strokes: Sucking Levi

The Southern Strokes crew were filming Levi kicking back on the couch watching a little porn and playing with his tool when they looked over and noticed that a half naked Marc was standing in the door watching and playing with himself. They figured that Levi hadn’t noticed Marc watching him so they didn’t bring any attention to it. What happened next surprised everyone … Levi had in fact noticed Marc, and he gave a little nod to Marc and invited him over to give him a little hand milking out a load. Marc worshiped Levi’s big cock like it was ice cream. Levi’s swollen meat was throbbing as Marc showed off his skills and lack of gag reflex. The only time Marc’s mouth left Levi’s dick was to kiss and worship his Levi’s massive chest.

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