New York Straight Men: Mark and Sean: On The Mark

It’s been almost a year since New York Straight Men have seen Mark. He is a Native New Yorker, a lifelong resident of the Upper West Side. He is now in between girlfriends; the last one was really bad at sucking cock. That is what brought him to them in the first place. It took him a lot to get up the nerve to come back and let a guy suck him off again, but here he is – and he especially likes that Sean swallows … Mark loves his load swallowed … sure he has mixed feeling about having another guy sucking him off … he says it’s a necessary evil because guys really do suck cock better … and now he knows it!

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New York Straight Men: Playing With Mark

Meet Mark! He’s a native of New York … Manhattan actually … he’s straight, but his girlfriend is the jealous kind and “sucks at sucking”. Mark loves head and when his tight schedule permits he will go to just about any length to get a blowjob … who is doing the sucking doesn’t matter to him … his only preference is a swallower … when he can get one! It was a late Summer Sunday afternoon when Mark arrives at New York Straight Men … in fact he gave up a football game for this blowjob. He was a little nervous, never had a bj with lights and camera involved before. He soon forgot that they were there tho and just focused on Sean’s mouth …

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My Straight Buddy: Mark and Jeff: Naked Surfers

Mark and Jeff are former marines who used to be in the same platoon. They both got out a few months ago and are now living it up as room-mates on the California coast, going to school and surfing every day. They invited the My Straight Buddy cameraman to come down and crash on their couch any weekend he wanted and recently he took them up on the offer. The day he arrived the guys were out surfing, but when they got back they stripped right out of their wetsuits, and being former marines, they are not shy, and as room-mates they spend almost all their time naked because … why not? Jeff was pretty horned up from not having time to jerk off for 3 days and we get to see him as he jerked off. He spurted a huge load on himself, then got in the shower to wash it off, and then his buddy Mark joined him!

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My Straight Buddy: JO Contest

Mark, George and Cole were hanging out at the My Straight Buddy pad, getting drunk and naked together … when the cameraman told them about some YouTube videos he had found with guys playing naked Guitar Hero … they thought that sounded like fun. It wasn’t long before their competitiveness was brought out they were all about contests. They agreed to a jerk off contest, and although Mark doesn’t finish first, he certainly finishes the best, shooting such a huge load that it gets in his hair. Afterwards they all pile into the bathroom for showers together …

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