Gay Hoopla: Max Summerfield Fucks Phillip Anadarko

Phillip Anadarko’s Gay Hoopla massage parlour is open for business, and with the proper tip, Max Summerfield learns that a happy ending can be easily had! Phillip starts running his hands through Max’s dark pubes, and suddenly Phillip’s clothes are off and he’s stroking both cocks together. From that position he moves easily to take Max’s big stiff cock in his arse and suddenly it’s a happy ending for everyone involved!

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English Lads: Cameron Donald and Max Henderson

Max came on quite a journey in this, only his second shoot for English Lads. Today he has Cameron to deal with and his boundaries certainly get tested as Cameron is soon looking into Max’s boxers and making jokes about what’s inside! Boxers off and Site Members get to see that Cameron is quick to get down and blow Max, and after getting Max very aroused he challenges him to play with his cock in return! Before you know it Max is wanking off Cameron and it’s not long before he has Cameron’s dick in his mouth! Max comes on a great journey, letting Jack wank and suck him and then returning the favour. Don’t you love it when straight men just have fun, knowing they are straight, but happy on camera to take us on a sexy journey.

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New York Straight Men: Servicing Max

Meet Max! He is a 29 year old New Yorker who has never gotten a Blow Job from a guy before. He has heard the “rumours” … that guys suck cock better … for many years and now he wants to see if it is true for himself. Max is a rare find, a hairy blond! He lives happily with his girlfriend and works as a videographer for a small independent movie company. He spends his free time playing basketball and softball. Max was secure with lights and cameras, sort of made him feel at home. His girlfriend has been out of town on a conference for the past 3 days, so he was really horny when he arrived at New York Straight Men. The idea of a blowjob got his big cock rock hard almost instantly! Trey got down on his knees with a mission on his mind, showing this straight guy that the rumour is true, guys do suck better! Max thoroughly enjoyed the hot mouth working his cock and was moaning with pleasure.

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