ChaosMen: Maxwell: Serviced

In spite of being straight, Maxwell was totally comfortable getting his dick sucked by another dude. He was eager to be serviced and he didn’t need to reply on the str8 porn playing in the background much at all … ChaosMen model Ransom sucked him like a pro, and when he casually brushed his arsehole with his finger, Maxwell let out a little gasp of encouragement. Ransom was soon fingering his hole, and Maxwell’s cock was at full mass!

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Videoboys: Maxwell Marteau and Benjamin London

No-one at Videoboys ever thought this day would happen. When straight lad Maxwell Marteau first came to doing a solo video for them a year or so ago, he’d never even met anyone gay before. He was even skittish about having a guy hug him, so suggesting the idea of having a guy suck his dick was right out of the question! But now, after time has passed, he found out that guys give the BEST blow jobs … enter Benjamin London, who soon straightens this straight hottie out!

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