My Straight Buddy: Mac and Joel: Naked Time

Mac and Joel are, like so many of the guys at the My Straight Buddy Webmaster Joe’s house, marines and best friends. Joel is the one with tatts, Mac is the one with the huge dick. Both of them are hot as hell, in different ways: Mac has a perfect body and an amazing cock, Joel is a country boy from Idaho with a hairy arse. They came back from the bar one night with a girl in tow and one thing led to another, as it usually does. If you ever wondered what crazy naked shenanigans straight guys get up to when they’re drunk, don’t miss this crazy home video of real straight marine buddies playing naked beer pong.

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My Straight Buddy: Trip and Kody: Drunk Naked Stepbrothers

Trip is one of the sexiest guys the My Straight Buddy cameraman has ever met. His body is hot enough, but there’s something in the way he moves and talks that will just kill you. His step-brother Kody is also a marine and got posted to the same base. They’ve been brothers for about 4 years … seems Kody’s dad must have married Trip’s mum, and now these guys are super tight.

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