My Straight Buddy: Three Naked Bros Chillin’

3 barracks buddies, Dan, Chris and Ray go out for a fun day of shooting their shotguns out in the desert near base. These guys are all from the same unit, best friends in the barracks and it shows as they love to rip on each other and have a great time with their cocks out. Highlights of this video from My Straight Buddy are when Ray challenges Chris to a race but totally fakes him out and Chris gets all butthurt about it, Ray pissing in front of everyone, and when a truck drives by and blasts its horn at the boys and they don’t give a fuck who sees their dicks.

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My Straight Buddy: Naked Marines: Hotel Party: Pt 1

Some of the My Straight Buddy Webmaster’s marine buddies, including Ted and Sean, had a 96 (96 hours of liberty) and wanted to spend it off-base. So they all rented a room and had a motel party, and of course our trusty Webmaster brought his camera and filmed all the antics the guys got up to! Out at the bar they met Brad and his buddy, who both came back to the room to party too. Brad was the first to get naked, cuz he don’t give a fuck, and then when people started giving him shit for it, Oscar, who had been a little shy, got naked too, and then even went streaking around the motel, and even all the way from the 3rd deck (that’s what marines call floors) to the parking lot.

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