My Straight Buddy: Mac and John and TK: True Bromance

Mac, John and TK (AKA Tennessee) are marines and best friends, and they are a wild bunch. Sandy redhead Mac has been stationed with John and TK for almost three years and you can see when they’re together you can see why this video had to be called “True Bromance”. This video is a record of one crazy night that happened when John and TK joined their best bro Mac at the My Straight Buddy “Naked House” one night after the bars closed. Pretty soon the clothes were falling off and, with no girls in sight, the guys were getting pretty horny. Mac and John were the horniest so they were the first to succumb, but TK, sensing that he was being left out of the fun, soon dropped his drawers too and joined them!

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My Straight Buddy: Marine Buddies Naked Wrestling

Robbie and Steve decided to play a little catch and it turned out that Steve ain’t so good, and needs to practice a little more. Some friendly words were exchanged as Robbie started talking shit … he’s from Brooklyn, so shit-talking is his natural state of being. They started wrestling on the ground … it was friendly, but heated, you know how guys get … especially marines. Well they took it inside, and clearing out the living room and putting down some rugs so they could grapple it out. Ands since they were only wearing their marine skivvy shorts anyway those got ripped off quick, and pretty soon two hot marines were wrestling naked … check it out, the My Straight Buddy cameras captured all the action!

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My Straight Buddy: Mack and Ford

Mack and Ford are two marines from the same platoon who have showered, jerked off, and fucked girls together in the barracks. But the barracks isn’t as much fun as the My Straight Buddy house, where they can drink, run around naked, and generally raise hell before going out to the bars to try to pick up some girls. The guys decided that they needed to shave their junk to get girls. Our trusty cameraman convinced them if they were going to do it, they should at least let him tape it. So this video starts out with Mack and Ford trimming each other’s junk with clippers, then getting in the shower and shaving each other. Later, they have a side-by-side jack off on the couch, helping each other out with a fleshjack too, so they don’t cum too fast later when they get to fucking the girls!

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My Straight Buddy: Naked Marines: Hotel Party: Pt 1

Some of the My Straight Buddy Webmaster’s marine buddies, including Ted and Sean, had a 96 (96 hours of liberty) and wanted to spend it off-base. So they all rented a room and had a motel party, and of course our trusty Webmaster brought his camera and filmed all the antics the guys got up to! Out at the bar they met Brad and his buddy, who both came back to the room to party too. Brad was the first to get naked, cuz he don’t give a fuck, and then when people started giving him shit for it, Oscar, who had been a little shy, got naked too, and then even went streaking around the motel, and even all the way from the 3rd deck (that’s what marines call floors) to the parking lot.

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