English Lads: Jack Windsor and Tyler Hirst

These two lads have got to know each other quite well over the last two years as they have both been involved with various events for English Lads. Today, Jack has agreed to give up his virgin hole, and Tyler’s going to be the lucky guy on top! There is lots of teasing and the guys start with a wrestling theme … which was a great way to get the lads all pumped up! Site Members get to see lots of nudity and touching and wanking and sucking, though it’s not long before straight lad Jack is not looking so dominant and is sitting on Tyler very hard uncut erection!

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My Straight Buddy: Nick and Brennan: Naked Wrestling

After watching Robbie and Steve’s amateur wrestling hour on My Straight Buddy, Nick and Brennan decided to step up and show the kids how the men do things! Nick and Brennan are both much larger, and much more skilled, so this round is that much more intense. Robbie and Steve stuck around to watch, and although Robbie is giving out instruction the whole time, neither Nick or Brennan were listening to anything he had to say … both of those guys seem to know what they’re doing. After the bout, the guys jacked off together, side by side, then even showered together and washed down each others naked bodies!

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My Straight Buddy: Marine Buddies Naked Wrestling

Robbie and Steve decided to play a little catch and it turned out that Steve ain’t so good, and needs to practice a little more. Some friendly words were exchanged as Robbie started talking shit … he’s from Brooklyn, so shit-talking is his natural state of being. They started wrestling on the ground … it was friendly, but heated, you know how guys get … especially marines. Well they took it inside, and clearing out the living room and putting down some rugs so they could grapple it out. Ands since they were only wearing their marine skivvy shorts anyway those got ripped off quick, and pretty soon two hot marines were wrestling naked … check it out, the My Straight Buddy cameras captured all the action!

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