SpunkWorthy: Nash: His First Gay Blow Job

There are lots of things to like about Nash. One of them is that he is always horny. The day he showed up for this shoot was no different to usual … he was already pitching a tent in his shorts when he walked through the door, so the resident SpunkWorthy cock-sucker wasted no time getting in to work. Nash wasted no time telling him how he wanted things done either! He’d already mentioned that he loves getting rimmed, so the cock-sucker couldn’t wait to push his legs back and bury his tongue between those tight straight-boy’s butt cheeks. Nash might not have the biggest dick in the world, but he certainly knows how to use it and when the time came to cum, Nash thrust his hips up and forward and blasted his stomach in thick globs of warm creamy jizz.

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Boys Halfway House: Nash and Chandler: Welcome To Your New Home

These two hoodlums arrived at the Boys Halfway House on the same day, so the House Manager got an extra special treat getting them acclimated to their new home. While the other House Manager was downstairs going through their bags, he got to do the up-close and personal inspection. Having emptied their pockets and removed their clothes, he did a quick butthole check and had them sit down in front on the couch. Things started off easy enough … he got one, and then both of them, to suck his hard dick. It seemed as if they had both sucked cock before, albeit probably for different reasons. They both did a fine job, but the mean one kept glaring as if he wanted to kill someone. Next he decided to fuck the other one first, and then he tried to fuck tough-guy. This dude was tight. Really tight. His butthole was like a small metal ring that just won’t give an inch. So after realizing it’ll be a chore to loosen him up with his dick, he makes the other one go ass-to-mouth on it, loosening it up nicely for the deep fucking to follow!

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