ChaosMen: Boris and Julian Brady: RAW

Boris has his girlfriend at home, but he loves being fucked! The ChaosMen film crew just find him so interesting. He is not a nervous freshly out guy or closeted. But still, his primary interests are women. Same goes for Julian Brady. While Julian takes a bit of time to warm up to bottoming, Boris really has found that getting fucked makes stroking his cock that much more fun and is eager for it. These two really got on great, and it is a must-see video!

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William Higgins: Alexandr and Josef: Czech Up

William Higgins model (Dr) Alexandr Jander was on duty when Josef Usnik attends his clinic reporting a fever. Alexandr naturally decides that a complete check needs to be done. He tells Josef to sit down and to remove his clothes and the examination begins. Nothing is missed from the young doctor’s scrutiny, as he checks every part of the straight lad’s body, even his uncut cock, balls and arsehole!

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Czech Hunter: The Guy Fixing His Car Gets Fucked

The Czech Hunter cameraman wanted to enjoy a nice spring day recently, so he went hunting for twink arse on the outskirts of the city. While walking around, he noticed a young man fixing a car. They started chatting and our cameraman decided to try some moves on him. Tomas was around 20 years old and unemployed. As a professional driver, he was in big trouble because his car needed repair he couldn’t afford. Naturally, our naughty cameraman offered him some cash for a bit of X-rated fun, which got the poor straight lad a bit nervous at first, but eventually he agreed. Once naked, our cameraman let Tomas pleasure his cock first, the guy wasn’t bad at all, and then he gently penetrated his tight virgin arse. It took quite a while before it stretched enough, and naturally our cameraman didn’t make things easy for him. He was, after all, getting paid for it!

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