Debt Dandy: The Straight Lad In Debt Agrees To Be Fucked

The guy the Debt Dandy visited this week was born in Slovakia and moved to Prague about a year ago because he wanted to start a new living and leave the debts behind. But what happened? He lost his job and started to make new debts instead! Soon he will be living on the street if he can’t a way to pay at least one or two of his overdue debts. So our cameraman felt on the save side when he offered him some fast money-for-sex. At first the lad was reluctant – like most straight guys would be. But when our cameraman threatened to leave … well, the poor guy quickly changed his mind and soon found himself stark naked, on his back, with a fat uncut dick up his raw virginal arsehole!

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Next Door Buddies: Cole Christiansen and Markie More: Wedding Jitters

In this action packed scene from Next Door Buddies, Markie and Cole realize that their desires for each other couldn’t have surfaced at a more awkward time, as they getting dressed for Markie’s wedding. The guests have started to arrive, and everything is in place … except that all Markie wants to do is flee with his new beau! The two hotties end up in the pool house, where they are safe and secluded and their lust for each other ends up overwhelming them both in a very gay way!

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Czech Hunter: Two Twinks Are Better Than One

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman met up with a young lad he’d met previously, but today he’s with a friend. Naturally this guy knows what our cameraman wants, tho of course, his friend does not! Both guys are young, with shitty jobs, and in need of some extra cash, and some fast talking and a wad of cash was enough to get them to agree to get naked and suck cock … plus for a bit extra money, they also agreed to get fucked … bareback too!.

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