Czech Hunter: The Guy Fixing His Car Gets Fucked

The Czech Hunter cameraman wanted to enjoy a nice spring day recently, so he went hunting for twink arse on the outskirts of the city. While walking around, he noticed a young man fixing a car. They started chatting and our cameraman decided to try some moves on him. Tomas was around 20 years old and unemployed. As a professional driver, he was in big trouble because his car needed repair he couldn’t afford. Naturally, our naughty cameraman offered him some cash for a bit of X-rated fun, which got the poor straight lad a bit nervous at first, but eventually he agreed. Once naked, our cameraman let Tomas pleasure his cock first, the guy wasn’t bad at all, and then he gently penetrated his tight virgin arse. It took quite a while before it stretched enough, and naturally our cameraman didn’t make things easy for him. He was, after all, getting paid for it!

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Czech Hunter: Hot Threesome Fuck Raw

The Czech Hunter cameraman got a call from one of the best dudes he’d ever fucked. He is really gorgeous, so naturally he didn’t hesitate, and agreed to help him solve his financial situation. However, he has a rule to never use the same guy twice. There was only one way to overcum this, so he decided to turn this episode into a threesome. Luckily he knew about another str8 slut having money problems so he invited him to join in. A threesome with two beautifully ripped straight studs … a dream cum true!

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Dirty Scout: Columbian Hottie Gets Fucked For New Job Referral

There are plenty of foreigners studying at Czech universities, and the young straight man in this scene from Dirty Scout is one of them. He was originally from Columbia but had spent the last few years in Czechia. He studied economics and management and also had some experience in tourism. His Czech was quite good and he said he’d like to get a job working in finances … or at least, this was his long-term goal. Our dirty cameraman knew exactly the job to offer him, but he couldn’t afford the referral fee, so had to pay in kind … by sucking dick and agreeing to being butt-fucked!

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Czech Hunter: The Local Lad Made Some Fast Cash

The Czech Hunter cameraman owns a few flats around Prague but he’s never cared about his neighbours much until now. Recently he realised it may have been a big mistake. Maybe he doesn’t have to search the streets, maybe there are cute dudes living next door. Today he was on his way outside when he bumped into this cute guy. He was busy preparing his rusty bike for a ride but was willing to chat. This innocent looking guy immediately made our cameraman horny as hell, and he didn’t waste any time and made him an offer immediately. The lad was poor and easy to convince. He whipped his huge semi right in the hallway of my apartment building and it only cost 2,000 Crowns. They then retreated to his apartment and the young lad made lots and lots of fast “gay for pay” cash!

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