Czech Hunter: Fucking The Parkour Lad

Parkour is a really interesting hobby/sport. The Czech Hunter cameraman likes watching people who are good at it. Mainly because it’s done by dudes in pretty good shape. A few of his friends fucked parkour guys and it was apparently a treat every single time. So, he decided to try doing the same thing and went hunting to a known parkour spot. It didn’t look like a good idea at first, the place was really run down, but then he met a cutie working on his skills. Petr had a day-off from his job at a nearby farm and was sweet enough to have a little chat with him. To be honest, our cameraman didn’t pay too much attention to the conversation because he was totally focused on his lean body and bulging crotch. The lad looked a bit uncomfortable, maybe because he was hiding a huge boner in his pants. He said parkour makes him very excited … well, how could our cameraman possibly find a better guy!

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Czech Hunter: Straight Buddies Go Gay

After a few unsuccessful attempts chatting up several young guys, the Czech Hunter cameraman finally found his first straight “money-boy” couple. Two straight buddies out on the streets of Prague tempted by the cash, and willing to do what it takes to get paid … the dark-haired one is a real cutie … long hair, beautiful eyes and a mouth that just begs to be kissed. Unfortunately he was bit arrogant. But that only lasted until he felt the cameraman’s dick entering his virgin arse. His buddy also fucked him and he ended up with a cum facial!

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Czech Hunter: School Rebel Gets Paid To Get Fucked

This guy was bored at school so he just skipped it and went chilling out. That sounded very promising to the Czech Hunter cameraman. Only really bad guys skip school in the Czech Republic. Our cameraman was sure he would do naughty things for cash. The guy was a typical rebel. He refused to do anything that wasn’t fun, that’s why he didn’t study, work, nor had a girlfriend. All he cared about was chilling out. That kind of lifestyle requires a lot of money, so it didn’t take too much effort to convince him to do stuff. He was so happy when our cameraman started giving him cash … let’s hope he didn’t regret it too much as our cameraman bent him over and rammed his arse hard. He moaned a lot, thank god there were no people around. Cuties like this are the best. So innocent and yet so dirty!

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Dirty Scout: Young Wannabe Zookeeper Gets Fucked

This poor guy had a tough time during his school years. He didn’t talk much and was a bit shy; still, he was a cute and interesting young man. He enjoyed nature and animals; that was why he wanted to work as a zookeeper. The Dirty Scout had a job like that open so he was happy to give him what he came for. But first he had to pay the mediation fee. The fee was too high for him, so he decided to work it off. The guy owed money left and right so he was happy to make a few extra Crowns. He probably thought it would be easy … even though he had a tough life, our guy didn’t spare him at all. He stretched his tiny arse wide open and gave it a rough ride. Seems the guy might have even enjoyed it!

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