ChaosMen: Maxwell: Serviced

In spite of being straight, Maxwell was totally comfortable getting his dick sucked by another dude. He was eager to be serviced and he didn’t need to reply on the str8 porn playing in the background much at all … ChaosMen model Ransom sucked him like a pro, and when he casually brushed his arsehole with his finger, Maxwell let out a little gasp of encouragement. Ransom was soon fingering his hole, and Maxwell’s cock was at full mass!

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Active Duty: DJ and Dorian and Jack and Ransom

Active Duty just released a steamy foursome starring several active duty military models. This passionate four-way scene features Dorian, DJ, Jack and Ransom, and it will really get you going. These four soldiers clearly came to play. The fun kicks off with the sex already in full swing with this foursome as Jack is sucking on Dorian’s cock, who is standing on top of the headboard, while DJ services Jack, while being sucked by Ransom. Yes, it’s just like you’ve walked right in the middle of some wild sex underway. They all join in on some wild sucking and fucking that will send you right over the edge!

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Active Duty: Devon and Ransom: Crossing The Line

Active Duty recently found this video of Devon and Ransom in their vaults and released it for the first time this week on their re-designed site. One thing that they are known for is how they can slowly move their straight recruits across the gay/straight line, inch by inch, getting them more and more comfortable and ready for the next step. Sometimes this means baby steps and getting them to take that process slowly on several videos, as they agree to try more and more each time. Devon is one of their baby steps kinda guys. Devon is all smiles when the camera comes on when he’s introduced to Ransom, who by the way, is looking mighty delicious himself. Ransom has been spending some serious time in the gym and it’s paying off nicely. That body of his is so hot as he sits next to Devon, ready to attack. See for yourself how Devon crosses the line in this great oral scene!

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ChaosMen: Brooklyn: Serviced

Brooklyn is the epitome of a nervous straight guy, clearly uncomfortable with having a dude suck his dick. The body language says it all. He claims during his interview with ChaosMen that he can’t get off from a blow-job, yet every time Ransom got him hard, or even semi-hard, he claimed he was about to nut! So Ransom did a little ass play to give him some relief. He was pretty uptight about that too! But in the end it all worked out, and after the shoot, Brooklyn was telling Ransom that it was the best head he ever had! If you like your straight guys nervous for their first time, this movie will keep you well-entertained!

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