ChaosMen: Aiden and Cruz: Pure

Category : 69-ing, Blow Job, ChaosMen, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Massage

This is Aiden’s first full-sex film with ChaosMen, and it would seem he is a Top that enjoys pleasing his bottom with his cock. The cameraman wanted to put him with someone who enjoys bottoming just as much, and Cruz was just the right dude. Although both guys are straight, visually these two look amazing together. You’ll love how Cruz strokes Aiden’s back and arse with oil, and clearly they both get turned on by the experience. He rolls him over and sets to work on his cock. Aiden has a subtle straight guy “bossy” vibe to him, but he is also eager to please his partner … check it out!

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Czech Hunter: The Cute Str8 Lad At The Bus Stop

Category : Arsehole View, Bareback, Blow Job, Cock Fondling, Cum Shot, Czech Hunter, Fingering, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off

The Czech Hunter cameraman was sitting in his car at a shopping center recently when he noticed a cute young guy waiting at a bus stop next to the highway. He got out and went over to check him out. He started chatting and found out the lad was from Russia and noticed he had a very sexy dialect. He had come to Prague to study economics when he was eighteen. Naturally our naughty cameraman tried to talk him into doing some dirty things on cam with him, and before long he agreed to show off his nice soft uncut dick. Once he saw that he got paid instantly for that, he was suddenly very interested in what else he could get paid to do … check it out below … he sucked cock and got bareback fucked before the finale of a hot cum facial!

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FraternityX: Take That Dick Deep

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Bareback, Blow Job, Fondling Cocks, Forced Sex, FraternityX, Group Sex

The Frat Bros over at FraternityX don’t appreciate it when their frat pledges give half-hearted blow jobs. So when the pledges are told to suck dick, they expect them to do it … properly! Today they decided to give new straight lad Josh’s mouth a workout, and they made sure he went down deep on their dicks, and once his poor mouth was worn out, they just switched to his arsehole!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking Roman

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Bareback, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Czech Hunter, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Forced Sex, Fucking, Jacking Off

Young Roman is just 20yo, without any higher education, with a shitty job and most importantly he was all alone, all by himself, “lost” in Prague. How lucky the Czech Hunter cameraman was to have found him … cause this all helped to setup the perfect situation to trick and seduce this young, innocent and shy straight dude into performing gay sex for cash!

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