Debt Dandy: The Broke Lad From The Old Apartment Building

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When the Debt Dandy arrived in this week’s client’s apartment at the top-floor of an old apartment building, the lad he met seemed not to be quite aware of his situation. First our cameraman offered him the loan with a horrible interest rate – which he accepted. So instead our cameraman had to remove that option and offered him instead the good old fashioned money-for-sex thing. The guy was actually in debt because of his former girlfriend who was obviously too expensive for his income. He is a small cutie – and the cameraman decided that he really wanted to have him ….but the lad was quite annoying, as he wanted to know everything upfront. What is he going to do with him, how long it will take, why does he have a cam and so on … but he found out all the answers within the next hour or so!

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Czech Hunter: The Straight Lad Who Sucked For Cash

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Today the Czech Hunter cameraman was getting desperate. He had been walking around the city centre for more than two hours without being able to find any cute twinks who would agree to his dirty proposals. Just as he was about to switch the cam off, he spotted a young lad walking past, and he knew immediately he would be the one! After a short chat with him, he admitted he didn’t have a proper full time job and his girlfriend only makes just 10,000 per month. So our cameraman knew he was in and offered him enough money so he could take her out for a nice dinner – he liked that idea – but what was the catch? He had to pull his cock out and let it be filmed! Cut a long story short – 30 mins later, plus the offer of a lot of cash, and he was on his knees in a hotel room sucking cock and later, getting his virgin straight lad arse fucked – bareback!

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Debt Dandy: Straight Hottie Does What He Must To Get Out Of Debt

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The Debt Dandy cameraman’s phone was ringing early today. Another desperate young man needs assistance to solve money issues. He didn’t hesitate and went straight to meet him cause date of birth clearly said that he only just recently turned 18!/.. Once he opened the door, there was a cute, young blondie standing in the doorway. His apartment was kinda dark and the whole building was kind of creepy. It wasn’t difficult to offer him help with his debts and loans, but it was very hard to convince him to accept what was asked for in return. He was okay to do a striptease but didn’t want to hear anything else, like cock sucking or anal sex – bareback, of course, but he was desperate for the cash and ended up doing a lot more!

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ChaosMen: Jet and Zarek

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After a bit of a break, and doing some work at other studios, Zarek came back to ChaosMen to do a couple videos … and this time he opted to bottom. Jet was excited that he would topping the entire video. He is such an awesome bottom, but he is an equally skilled top. He stays hard during all of his videos, no matter what he is doing. Being straight, no-one thought Zarek would be able cum from getting fucked though, but Jet was eager to show that he could cum and dump his load with his cock jumping up and down and doing a nice unload spasm. So the cameras focused on Jet show-casing that ability of his, and let Zarek cum doing a facial. So, not only is there an amazing cream pie, but Zarek gives Jet a crazy facial too!

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