New York Straight Men: Rimming Ryder

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Ryder wanted to stop by New York Straight Men for a quick blowjob and they were naturally cool with the idea, however they told him that he would have to first agree to be one minor stipulation … he had to allow Sean to eat his arse and he had to get into it as much as he possibly could. This was actually a huge deal for Ryder, as no woman had ever licked his arsehole and on the rare occasions when he lets a guy suck his cock his arsehole has always been off limits. It is funny how some straight guys are like that until they get a tongue up their hole. Anyway he agreed … but at first Ryder was not very comfortable in fact he said it felt a little ticklish … but in the end he warmed up to it, and in fact afterwards he said in the future if the only way to get his dick sucked was to get his arse eaten, then he would go along with it quite happily!

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New York Straight Men: Ryder: After The Mets Game

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The New York Straight Men team had an unexpected visitor on a recent summer Sunday afternoon. Ryder was returning from Citi Field having been watching the Mets play. Ryder was with his buddies who were visiting New York from Australia they wanted to see a baseball game. After the game they all went out and had a few beers like good Australians do, but Ryder made a pit stop in the hopes of getting his cock sucked. Sean, who was the designated cock sucker that day, was happy to give this hot Arab/Australian the best service he could offer … check it out!

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New York Straight Men: The Next Level: Ryder

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New York Straight Men took Ryder to a place where he has never been and wasn’t completely comfortable going. They didn’t want this to be just another a blow-n-go scene. Ryder is such a stunning guy they wanted to exploit the situation as much as they could. So cock-sucker Trey was instructed ahead of time to get “frisky” with Ryder as much he could. He licked him ABOVE the waist … all the way up to his neck and even sucked on Ryder’s scruff covered chin! His natural instinct was to push Trey away, but he didn’t … but you can see that he was uncomfortable. As Trey moved down … down to his chest, Ryder breathed a sigh of relief … it looked like he actually enjoyed his pecs getting licked and massaged … then when Trey moved all the way down to Ryder’s cock, he was in much more comfortable territory … Ryder still prefers a woman to suck his cock, but has learned to appreciate a skilled mouth, no matter who it belongs to!

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