My Straight Buddy: Beat Off Buddies: Jerk Off Contest

The guys had been hanging out with the My Straight Buddy cameraman for hours and occasionally one of them, first Ford and then Marcus, succumbed to the power of the Desperate Housewives 3 DVD they were watching … they each gave up to temptation and jerked off right in front of their bros. These are guys that spent 7 months in a tank together in Afghanistan, they’re definitely not shy with each other any more! It was late in the evening when Ford blurted out, “We should have one of those jerk off contests!” … Sean and Tanker were down and pretty soon money was getting laid down on who would win. Marcus, dismayed at how long it was taking his buddies, said he could start late and still finish first, despite having just rubbed one out a couple hours earlier. Ford decided that the losers should have to suffer something, and it was agreed the two losers should have to shower together!

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My Straight Buddy: Marcus

Marcus is a softly spoken 20yo Kentucky boy with a wild streak … it’s not hard to picture him out muddin’ in his truck in nothing but shorts, cowboy boots, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. My Straight Buddy photographed him and his buddy Ted one night recently when they were hanging out watching some porn together … Marcus got horny and had to rub one out, even tho Ted was still sitting beside on the sofa! Marcus strokes his cock in front of his straight buddy, learns the joys of a Fleshjack, takes a shower and even enjoys a piss for the cameras!

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