My Straight Buddy: Beat Off Buddies: Ford

It’s the day after a wild night, and Joe’s (he’s the My Straight Buddies webmaster) military buddies are piled onto the sleeper sofa they shared the night before. When Joe puts some porn on the TV scrappy Ford is unable to resist and whips out his dick right in front of his buddies. All these guys have been to Afghanistan together so they’re used to seeing each other naked, but this is an amazing level of familiarity … brothers chillin’ with brothers, so tight they just don’t care.

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My Straight Buddy: JO Contest

Mark, George and Cole were hanging out at the My Straight Buddy pad, getting drunk and naked together … when the cameraman told them about some YouTube videos he had found with guys playing naked Guitar Hero … they thought that sounded like fun. It wasn’t long before their competitiveness was brought out they were all about contests. They agreed to a jerk off contest, and although Mark doesn’t finish first, he certainly finishes the best, shooting such a huge load that it gets in his hair. Afterwards they all pile into the bathroom for showers together …

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