My Straight Buddy: Marcus and Tanker: Best Friends and Roommates

Tanker likes to smoke, a lot, and fortunately he looks really good doing it. He and Marcus have been room mates for a while, and the bromance level between these two is off the charts. The My Straight Buddy cameras caught the guys on a lazy weekend afternoon, watching porn, getting naked and jacking off together, using various sex toys … fortunately there’s no secrets or embarrassments between these two hunks, they share everything … which means we can watch these two hot straight guys doing all manner of sexy things together!

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My Straight Buddy: Naked BBQ

A bunch of friends came over to enjoy the My Straight Buddy hot tub during a rare rainy spell … they stocked up on liquor, beer and meat and cranked up the good times. Tanker and Marcus took BBQ grilling duties and, not being one bit shy at all, stayed as butt-ass naked as they had been in the hot tub. It’s a loud, busy party, and full of noise and craziness … but that’s what a party is all about, right?

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