Bait Buddies: Ryan Tyler and Sterling Chambers

If you remember on his last visit, Sterling, still in college, comes in with his straight, best college/surf buddy Jack, to break into porn. They were all excited about getting paid to fuck pussy! But, as you know Bait Buddies is a ”Pussy Free Zone”, and so when ‘the girl didn’t show’, the only option the cameraman had for them to earn a pay check was to have sex with each other. Sterling was the dominant of the two, so after some half assed swapped blowjobs, he appointed his buddy Jack as the bottom. After it’s all over, he realized that he loved the experience and decided to see for himself what it’s like when his butt is on the other end of a cock. So, he’s back for another scene and this time he’s paired with another straight guy, Ryan Tyler, and Sterling gets his wish and gets his straight butt fucked by Ryan in the end!

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Bait Buddies: Sterling Chambers and Jack White: If It Swells, Ride It

With two sexy straight surfer dudes starring in this video at Bait Buddies, the only thing that swells they’ll be riding today is hard, straight dude dick! Our two surfers are buddies who met when rushing for a college frat. They determined a frat was too much of a hassle, so instead decided they would spend their free time drinking booze and fucking chicks. Sterling is the handsome blond, blue eyed dude who pulls all the hot babes in, but he says that the quiet one, Jack, fucks more of them than he does – at least when they’re not tag teaming the same girl. Both guys are in their early 20’s with real nice bodies, bubble butts and 7 plus inches of cock each. And, check out Jack’s chest and abs which are ultra-defined – just fucking ripped! The guys are here to fuck girls … so when the bombshell drops at the is no girl … the guys get up to leave … but the cameraman manages to convince them to stay, make some cash, and fuck around with each other!

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