SpunkWorthy: Jordan: Gay Massage

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Straight college baseball player, Jordan, really enjoyed his “surprise hand job” with SpunkWorthy recently, so much so, that he thought he’d be up for trying a happy-ending massage today … in fact, in his own words … he was really looking forward to it! Jordan had only ever gotten a happy-ending massage once before from a girlfriend. “Nothing professional, though” he said with a laugh. Thankfully, Jordan had been saving up his loads for the past couple days, so you can imagine his “happy ending” cum shot at the end will be a beauty!

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SpunkWorthy: Andy: His First Gay Massage

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Andy took a few weeks before finally agreeing to do this happy-ending massage video at SpunkWorthy. This really is a bit of a leap for him, since he’d never done anything with a guy before. “Yeah, I’m pretty nervous about it,” he admitted, fidgeting a little while sitting on the massage table. But after getting started, as the masseur’s hands worked their way south from his back, pushing apart his legs, they were pleased to find his dick was already getting hard. A few passes across his butt cheeks and rubbing on his arsehole and it was looking like things were open for business!

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Blake Mason: Daniel Johnson and Riley Tess

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Straight hunk Daniel and his mate from Blake Mason, Riley Tess, are hanging out and watching the game when Daniel announces that if his team scores Riley has to suck his cock. The ball hits the back of the net and Daniel’s cock hits the back of Riley’s throat as he greedily gobbles on that big uncut dick, as any good mate would! Some wet oral just isn’t enough for big dicked Daniel though, and soon Riley is getting pounded all over the bed, having the cum fucked out of him, with a hot thick load from his mates dick to join the squirting cummy mess!

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Southern Strokes: Ashton and Ryan

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This is the first time Ashton and Ryan have appeared together in a Southern Strokes video. While both guys are straight, they both have experienced guy-on-guy sex for pay, and both are now quite comfortable doing it. Ashton wanted to bottom for Ryan today, so when he was naked, Ryan quickly wrapped his already hard tool and then slowly entered Aston’s tight rear entrance … the guys fucked for almost two hours before finally spewing their man-juice all over Ashton’s abs!

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