SpunkWorthy: Rich: His First Gay Massage

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It took about 3 years, but Rich is finally back at SpunkWorthy! Like so many straight guys, when he first decided to make the leap into porn, he was “on the fence” about doing any guy-guy scenes. Since then, though, he gave it some thought came to the realization that it couldn’t be all “that” bad. He and his roommate had been talking about ways to make some holiday money and it sounded like his roommate had at least a small part in talking Rich into taking the plunge. So today we get to see this hot uncut lad get his first gay massage and hand job … check it out!

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ChaosMen: Austin: Serviced

Category : 'Serviced', Blow Job, ChaosMen, Massage, Rimming

Austin is straight, but gay-friendly. Just the same, he’s a bit nervous about this massage and blow job at ChaosMen. Oral is not his favourite thing … apparently he’s just used to fucking … so ransom has to use his skills wisely … he starts off with a gentle massage to relax him, paying special attention to his butt cheeks and asshole … he even rims it … before turning him over and giving him the blow job … Austin gets off nicely in the end … as does Ransom … watch the video, it’s a beauty!

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SpunkWorthy: Brady

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It had been a while since SpunkWorthy had heard from Brady, but their producer had a feeling he’d be coming back. When he called asking about doing a blowjob scene they had the cameras ready to roll in record time. Brady must have been extra horned up. There was a bulge in his shorts before he walked through the door, so the SpunkWorthy cock-sucker got right to work, slipping his hard dick through them and into his mouth. As he eventually got out of his clothes and his cock was getting serviced, Brady shut his eyes, laid back and starting quietly moaning, “Oh, yeah.” … Brady has an amazing ass that was practically begging for attention. When he bent him over for a rim job, he arched his back and gasped even louder. It’d didn’t take much longer for the horned up Brady to cum … as you will see if you watch the video!

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Bad Puppy: Vilda Molek: His First Gay Massage

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Straight hottie Vilda Molek joins Bad Puppy this week and he’s about to get a long, slow, sensual massage he won’t soon forget. He’s penetrated by an orange, conical toy, and by the look on his face, it was truly a happy ending!

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