English Lads: Jack Roberts

Straight hunky footballer Jack did a solo with English Lads that was really popular; it was hard to get him to agree to get a massage as he said he was happy to get a massage but not if it meant his cock was touched! But after lots of persuasion he gave in and what you see today is his toned body get a great massage, some foot massage and then his cocks gets a gentle rub with some oil and after a few minutes his soft uncut cock begins to stir and is soon a throbbing erection in our masseurs hands! Jack only touches his cock this shoot for just a short section in the middle before he hands it back and gets jerked off to a nice load on his abs! Wow Jack, you let a guy wank you off!

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ChaosMen: Alexandro : Serviced

Alexandro is a straight guy with a huge, fat, uncut cock who recently debuted on the ChaosMen site. He’s back again today to get his first ever blow job from another guy … in this case, from Teo. Teo has an uncut cock himself, and loves to suck off other uncut guys, but the poor guy had real issues with Alexandro’s dick size … Teo got a serious case of lock-jaw after only 3-4 minutes! He had to take regular breaks to allow his jaw to re-align itself!

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